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  • Enya

    YouTube - Best of Enya - ''Conclusion''!
    My high school art teacher introduced me to Enya back in the late 1990s, I remember hearing a couple of songs in films but I absolutely fell in a trance of her music. Her voice, the folk melodies, synthesised heart-warming backdrops, and ethereal reverberations. Even the Fugee's sampled her music, still the point I am trying to make here is that her music shouldn't be taken for granted. Along with influenced pop culture with traditional Irish, Celtic and classical music style.

    Though, many assume, even the creator of this great collection of best of Enya (above). Enya DID NOT perform "Now We Are Free" from the hit film Gladiator. It was voiced by Lisa Gerrard. Even some people thought Enya did the singing for the soundtrack Titanic, though similar in music style, it was not Enya but no doubt Enya was a major influence!

    My favs...
    YouTube - Enya - Caribbean Blue (HD)
    YouTube - Only Time - Enya - HD 720
    YouTube - The Celts
    YouTube - On My Way Home
    Her last album was back in 2008, And Winter Came, was a hit but since has released over 2 greatest hits albums and a re-release of The Celts

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