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Disney's ElecTRONica Soundtrack


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  • Disney's ElecTRONica Soundtrack

    Though there's no way Disney will ever release a soundtrack of ElecTRONica, since the event only happens Friday through Sunday with special guest/local DJs for hire. While most tracks must pass Disney G rating O.K., and the soundtrack would be a box set if it were to ever happen. Your ears just might get lucky, and to be frank, most Disney feds can't tell one electronic sound next to another on the spot, unless they just in the moment too. A DJ has been known to slip a hot track here & there into the mix.

    If your ears heard a certain mix at the event, and you know that very track in question, and is a music/audiophile like me. Please, be more then welcome to post the title/sound here for all those who don't know the name of the song in question but want to know, and say... "Oh, yeah, that song!" I know some here complain that I post way too many u-tube videos to make a point but it's 2010. It's a tool, and since it is here at our fingertips, why not use it?

    Sound is way too complicated to really place into words, right? Example: I'm sure some of you have heard this jam at 'EleTRONica' (the intro of this u-tube video)...
    YouTube - 2010 elecTRONica Opening Night Walk from Flynn's To Entrance POV HD Oct 8th DCA
    I knew it was Simply Red's "Sunrise," and I had that very track in my some million song collection, it's titled Simply Red - "Sunrise (Motivo Hi-Electro Vocal Mix)." So, here's a u-tube video of that very track, just in mp3 mode of this great mix.
    YouTube - Simply Red - Sunrise (motivo hi-electro vocal mix)

    If you can't find it to buy, etc. I highly recommended using this, YouTube to MP3 Converter - Video2mp3 It will convert ALL youtube into high quality stereo MP3's for FREE!

    I was really surprised to hear this one weekend at ElecTRONica by Designer Drugs, "Through the Prism," but makes so perfect sense (wink), and surprised the DJ got away with it. Here's the music video...
    YouTube - DESIGNER DRUGS - Through The Prism HD
    I've heard this one weekend, "Disco Babies From Outerspace" by DJ Dan...
    YouTube - DJ Dan Disco Babes from outer space (better sound quality)
    I nearly dropped my $12 dollar pink alcohol beverage when I heard this, "Dreamscape" by 009 Sound System
    YouTube - Dreamscape - 009 sound system
    I was able to tip one of the DJs, who was cute, one weekend a $20, and he spun Ferry Corsten's "Rock Your Body Rock" for me. He was able to see my iPhone request =)
    YouTube - Ferry Corsten - Rock Your Body Rock (Official video)

    Continue the list...
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    Re: Disney's ElecTRONica Soundtrack

    2 more identified tracks from EleTRONica...

    As heard here...
    YouTube - TRON Legacy elecTRONica Dancer in 3D at Disney California Adventure -yt3d Fuji W3
    The first jam that you ears hear in that video up above is that lousy pop track by Taio Cruz's, "Dynamite (Club Mix)." Then starting/clocking at 2:30ish, is that hot Armand Van Helden's sound of "The Funk Phenomena."
    YouTube - Armand Van Helden - The Funk Phenomena


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      Re: Disney's ElecTRONica Soundtrack

      Wow, more videos. Suprise surprise.
      What an idiot....

      Yeah, I do that Twitter thing.


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        Re: Disney's ElecTRONica Soundtrack

        Originally posted by Tui View Post
        Wow, more videos. Suprise surprise.
        Like I mentioned before, and stated once before...
        I know some here complain that I post way too many u-tube videos to make a point but it's 2010. It's a tool, and since it is here at our fingertips, why not use it?

        Sound is way too complicated to really place into words
        This forum, in particular is after all MUSIC, and "no matter" what "topic!" The day you can explain any mechanical vibrations of every detail or any auditory or visual effect. Hands down to you supreme being but till then, seat back, and relax.

        It's 2010, if a picture is worth a thousands, then video is worth a billion. A human being is automatically communicated with "sight," and "sound!" Youtube is a technical tool these days. Why waste time, and explain something when one can't really understand one is coming from when they see, not only visuals in motion but sound?

        When something as great as a video tool as Youtube, which can give a 100% example of explanation of more then anyone can place, describe into detail words, and make a point across. If the video doesn't work? You must have technically defunct web browser. Have a PC? Even if the Youtube player may not currently work/play on your most used web browser. There's always a "direct" link that Youtube offers on the top of the frame of the window that will open it up into another separate window that will give you 100% direct access. A none lazy person would know that. Just saying.
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          Re: Disney's ElecTRONica Soundtrack

          3rd edition of identified songs...

          Happen to kick it for EleTRONica, and wanted to be the curious cat of hearing the latest DJ Disney payroll for hire of the past 2 weekends, and wow! Some hot tracks were blasted through speakers. Despite the winter weather from this Friday through tonight, it was those 12 dollar drinks that kept the vibe alive, lol. Starting feel like I'm the only one who loves music here, and knows what the DJ spins at this place but I'm a audiophile.

          With a good ear, happen to own most of these tracks that were spun by the DJ over the past two weekends. Here's what I know what tracks that were played, and please keep in mind. I made the effort to post youtube vids that actually have the sound to hear, and say, "Oh, yeah. That song!" Since, sound is way too complicated to really place into words. So, what better way to know then your ears?

          "Blame It On The Boogie (FD Electro House Remix)" - Jackson 5
          YouTube - The Jackson 5 - Blame It On The Boogie (FD Remix)

          "Dance Dreams (Eurythmics v. Lady Gaga)" - Lady GaGa
          YouTube - Lady Gaga vs. Eurythmics - "Dance Dreams" *Divide and Kreate*
          "Four To the Floor (Thin White Duke Mix)" - Starsailor
          YouTube - Starsailor - Four To The Floor (Thin White Duke Mix)
          "Loneliness" - Tomcraft
          YouTube - Tomcraft - Loneliness
          "Miles away (DeNovia Alcyo Mix)" - Madonna
          YouTube - Madonna-miles away (crowd electric mix)
          "Alone" - Lasgo
          YouTube - Lasgo - Alone
          "My, My, My" - Armand van Helden
          YouTube - My, My, My
          "Star Guitar" - Chemical Bros.
          YouTube - The Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar
          "Kiss You (DJ Fernando Mix)" - iiO
          YouTube - iiO - Kiss You (Dj Fernando Mix)
          "Drezzed" - Daft Punk
          YouTube - TRON Legacy Music video - Derezzed
          "Gimme More (Pual Van Dyk Mix) - Britney Spears
          YouTube - Britney Spears - Gimme More Mix by Paul Van Dyk
          "Mr Brightside (Remix Keinohrhasen)" The Killers
          YouTube - The Killers Mr Brightside Remix Keinohrhasen HIGH QUALITY
          "The Bomb" - The Buckketheads (really surprised to hear this since it's more house genre then electronica but what an adrenaline beat)
          YouTube - The Bucketheads - The Bomb Original [1995]
          "Hella Good (Roger Sanchez Release Yourself Radio Edit)" - No Doubt
          YouTube - No Doubt - Hella Good (Roger Sanchez Mix)
          "Beat Box (Diversion One)" - Art of Noise (which by the why was the1st inventors of experiment sounds, which was first heard in the film 1984 film, Breakin. Daft Punk who?????????)
          YouTube - Art of Noise - Beatbox (Diversion One)
          "The Other Side [ft. Wayne Jackson] Deep Dish Remix" - Paul Van Dyk
          YouTube - Paul Van Dyk - The Other Side - Deep Dish Remix
          "Never (So Past Tense)" - The Roc Project
          YouTube - Roc Project ft. Tina Arena -Never (Breaks Edit Arcdsa Remix)

          So, excuse for me making an effort!
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            Re: Disney's ElecTRONica Soundtrack

            Thanks for the songs,JMora, I'm digging a lot of these tracks. Nothing wrong with youtube, I use it on my facebook when I post up music I like.
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