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  • The Chemical Bros

    "The pioneers of the electronic dance genre"

    I've been a fan of there's since 90's, when raves were all the rage, and eletronic music started to become little more mainstream. Like any good DJs, Tom Rowlands & Ed Simons cross music genres but one's ear can tell they have a sound of their own. In the beginning, they kinda of reminded of the group Art of Noise, who I also love, love to play with sounds, and anything around them that can produce music. Once I heard One Too Many Mornings, I was hooked, very Ibiza trance soothing beat.

    Then of course came along Let Forever Be, while riding the wave of Seattle grunge scene, this jam had a funky groove of it's own, I remember while cruising down Haight in San Francisco jamming to this, and to no surprise. It was one of their biggest hits in the States.

    When I first saw Tomb Raider film back in 2001, and Jolie was surfing to escape at the climax of the film. A sound of funky, whimsical tribal surf beat started to arise, I knew this had to be The Chemical Brothers. Sure enough, it was...

    Off that very same album also produced Come With Us but my favorite was Star Guitar. Watch the official music video, visually its synchronized with beat of the song.

    Short & sweet, Star Guitar's lyrics, "You should feel what I feel, You should take what I take" just places you in a trance at the moment. The track is always amazing live (an out of body trance experience at the 4:16min mark for the entire audience, I'm sure.)

    By late 00s, they seem to be under the radar but of course go overseas or attend any dance festivals, someone will tell you otherwise. By 2007 they dropped a decent album, We Are the Night but the only track that was loud for me was Do It Again. Something about it just seem to make one look into the subconscious between the good & the bad (wink). The video is kinda odd for the subject of the song but...

    There latest album is currently, Further, a good mixture of genre and what to expect from The Chemical Brothers. Example, Swoon...

    But it's the bonus track from this album that I am totally in love with, and this very tune was actually used for the highly critically acclaimed film, Black Swan. When the main characters are chemically influenced and decide to go out dancing...

    Here's the Chemical Brothers spinning Don't Think LIVE at the recent Movement Festival in Torino, Italy

    And you thought Daft Punk was all that... !

    There tour kicks off in JAN 2011: - Official Home of The Chemical Brothers | home

    *Though not announced yet but rumors are flying that the Chemical Brothers may be performing at 2011's Electric Daisy Carnival in Los Angeles (June 25-26), even Daft Punk may attend.
    What's EDC? It's about the closest thing to one of the biggest electronic-dance parties (two days) in California.
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