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  • Tribal House Music

    If there was ever a genre of music to test your speaker system (the best in my opinion, is BOSE speakers) would be 'Tribal House Music.' I personally dig this genre of musica, being Latino, it has a lot of flow of ethnic sounds. Sometimes known as 'Drum & Bass,' but it's mostly a subgenre of house music. Mostly known to be made of sounds of Latin/African tribal rhythms. It arose by the mid-80s but really started to shine by late 90s into mid 00s. It became very popular, thanks to such great DJs as Robbie Rivera, Peter Rauhofer, Danny Tenaglia, Junior Vasquez, Victor Calderone, Ralphi Rosario & DJ Paulo. To just to name a few.

    Tribal music, like electronica, is more known in the underground world of clubbing dance world, and after-hours. From Ibiza, Spain to the famous circuit parties like the White Party over in Palm Springs during Easter weekend or if you ever find yourself in Las Vegas. I highly recommend, Drais or Empire or those in LA area, check out Avalon, Circus Disco, Boulevard3, etc. because tribal music tends to kick in after 4am (depending on the party). What I love about this genre, it's a fusion of various styles of electronic dance music, and can range from uplifting, cheerful to dark, aggressive moods to being very sensual in nature.

    Those who love to dance, and really into some steaming ethnic/tribal music. This genre works every bone in your body on the dance floor, and is always fun to dance with you're partner or some sexy stranger. Here's some of my favs. Please keep in mind, these tracks (most) don't have official music videos. Hence, "underground." Just what your ears will hear.

    Let's start with O.C.'s favorite group...

    This song (below) was heard in the original Fast & the Furious house party scene but was never on the soundtrack.

    Anomaly (Calling Your Name) track was never on the American Pie soundtrack either but it was the most wanted.

    Last but not least (so many), this has been considered a tribal favorite...
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    Re: Tribal House Music

    Who here remembers the cable/music box DMX back in the 1990s, if one lived in California area? It was a big improvement over that Music Box Channel. With DMX, it had over some 50 music genre channels, and it came with a remote. If you heard a certain song, and didn't know the artist or title. With just a push of a button, it told you not just the name of the artist, title but what album it came from and when it was released.

    Reason I mentioned those details was because back in 1996, it was the first time I ever experienced a system that had devoted music channel's to trance, tribal, electronica, etc. It was the first time to have so much information at the grasp of my hands. Finally, I can list the names of the artists with the songs and go music shopping knowing what to get. Instead of making a wild guess of buying a cd and getting disappointed when I popped in the CD in the car.

    15 years later, while listening to the Fugees Ooh La La La, I never forgot the tribal club mix but never was able to find till now. Turns out, had a feeling too, and sure enough. It was a promo club mix only (meaning not available to purchase), and like the technology wonder DMX was then with the new today. I found it:yea:


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