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Janet Jackson


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  • Janet Jackson

    Happy Birthday to Miss Janet, if your nasty...

    Loved her since the Control album and she proved to be a music power of her own with Rhythm Nation 1814 (her fourth studio album) in 1989, which became the best-selling album of 1990 and made history as the first album to generate seven top-five Billboard hits; "Miss You Much", "Rhythm Nation", "Escapade", "Alright", "Come Back to Me", "Black Cat", and "Love Will Never Do (Without You)" all peaked within the top five on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

    Which was followed by her first tour of the same name in 1990, over two million people went and ticket sales grossing over $28 million dollars in the United States alone, the Rhythm Nation World Tour remains the most successful debut concert tour by a recording artist.

    Then arrives 1993, the 'janet.' album drops, the summer album of 1993. A cultural moment from the time the famous Rolling Stone cover hit the store shelves to when the album was released soon after. The number one hit single "That's the Way Love Goes"—winner of the 1994 Grammy Award for Best R&B Song—and the top 10 singles "If", "Because of Love", "You Want This", and "Any Time, Any Place", all contained "grown-up desires" ' that made the .janet' album certified six times platinum by the RIAA, with worldwide sales exceeding twenty million copies.

    After such a huge success, no doubt a lot pressure was on to have follow up to the 'janet.' album. Arrives 'The Velvet Rope' fall of 1997, it had a handful of hits, sold over 10 million copies. Considered to be her most deepest & personal yet. Janet struggled with a long-term case of depression while making the album. As a result, she frequently took time off or abruptly left the studio during recording sessions. Containing autobiographical themes, 'The Velvet Rope'—a title which refers to boundaries within society and individuals, symbolic of literal velvet ropes at events where only Very Important Persons (VIPs) are allowed entry—became a concept album.

    By 2001, she gave us 'All For You' album, a much more upbeat-fun album, which was Miss Jackson's first album to be released with a Parental Advisory label. It too had a good track record of hits, it eventually sold over 9 million copies. My favorite track from that album remains...

    Since then she had many successes, and yes, even some mix brews. I never liked how her then boyfriend Jermaine Dupri tried to make her go getto with songs like 'So Excited' to give example. It wasn't her, and I believe he kinda messed up her groove with a couple of latter albums.

    Then the Janet that I knew was back with...

    and defiantly with...

    but it always seems that her music label never really backs her up a full 100%, some songs that should had received commercial radio airplay/single releases...

    Daft Punk & Janet...

    unreleased Love Me

    Janet takes us back to good old 80s funk, thanks to Debbie Deb...

    As one critic said, and very true. Janet has reached that 'universal appeal,' like her brother, she no longer belongs to the R&B community or the Pop community or the dance community, it's a mixture of everything, and so much more.

    Still, Janet has a massive career to be proud of, and still going strong. She's currently on tour, it's selling out everywhere world-wide. She been given high remarks. Especially concerning that she has been singing LIVE on the tour...

    and looking damn hot for a 45 year old, no? In the end she doesn't have to prove anything anymore to anyone.

    Did you know:

    -In January 1996, Jackson renewed her contract with Virgin Records for a reported $80 million dollars.[64] The contract established her as the then-highest paid recording artist in contemporary music, surpassing the recording industry's then-unparalleled $60 million dollar contracts earned by her brother, Michael Jackson, and Madonna.

    -1993's janet. album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 with the largest first week sales in history for a female artist at the time.

    -When she was 10 she was on the Jacksons Variety show with her brothers and sisters.

    -She starred as Penny on Good Times

    -She appeared as Willis's love interest on Diff'rent Strokes

    -She starred in a movie with 2pac called, "Poetic Justice."

    -Michael use to call her "Dunk" because of her size, it made her look like a donkey.

    -Michael called Janet his twin because they thought the most alike.

    -She has had her nose, tongue (other areas that are a tad bit inappropriate) pierced.

    -She has a tatoo of Minnie giving Mickey ________ on her front pelvis.

    -Janet has sold over 100 - 150 Million world-wide

    By far, ONE of the BEST performances EVER on the MTV Music Awards was when Janet performed 'That's the Way Love Goes/If' for the very first time back in summer 1993. The singing, her groove, her style, and the vibe. When she enters the 'If' segment, you can just feel the energy man...

    Watching Gaga and Laurieann Gibson (Gaga's choreographer)? Learn to have rhythm, and go with the beat naturally but who are we kidding? LOL

    and again back in 2009, to honor of her brother...

    PS: Want a good summer jam, take a listen to this groove...
    Last edited by JMora; 05-16-2011, 08:27 AM.

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