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Can any pianist Disney fan out there PLEASE help me? Pretty please?


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  • Can any pianist Disney fan out there PLEASE help me? Pretty please?

    Hi, guys.

    I need the help of a Disney fan who can play piano and knows how to write music in online programs such as Musescore.

    I recently bought some music sheets from a website and the sheets were given to me in .JPG format. Since I can't read music notes (well, I can but with great difficulty), I bought a program that converts PDF files to MIDI files (which I then run through synthesia).

    I converted the sheets into PDF files but when I tried to run them through my program, it said it couldn't extract the notes since the PDFs didn't come directly from a composing program such MuseScore.

    I tried transcribing the sheets myself but it's useless. I was hoping that maybe someone could please transcribe them for me through composing program, save them in PDF and then send them back? The sheets have lyrics so if it makes it easier, you don't have to copy the lyrics, just the notes and whatnot.

    I've tried asking for help everywhere: on forums, on yahoo! answers and no one is helping me and I'm desperate at this point.

    Here's the link to download the first song, it's "He Mele no Lilo" from Lilo & Stitch (the main song of the movie):
    Hemelenolilo.pdf - - document sharing - download

    And here's the second song. It's called "It will be me" and it's from Brother Bear 2:
    It will be Me.pdf - - document sharing - download

    Please, guys, someone help meee D:


    p.s. if you'd like to send the PDFs to my mail, please send them to or you can post the files here, if you'd prefer

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