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Disney on Ice Celebrating 100 years of Magic? Wait... What...?


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  • Disney on Ice Celebrating 100 years of Magic? Wait... What...?

    So.. a thought has been bothering me... of which someone here can solve the riddle for me...

    How exactly is "Disney on Ice" Celebrating 100 Years of Magic?

    I've seen the advertising slogan around, and it just doesn't make sense to me.

    It can not be in reference to the Disney company itself... As the Disney company is only about 89 years old (est. 1923). Even if you assume they are referring to Disney... I doubt anything in the show references anything older than 1928 and the birth of Mickey Mouse... so we are really only looking at 84 years. You can't even reference the career of Walt Disney himself because 100 years ago Walt was only 10 years old, being born in December of 1901.

    I even thought to look into the company that puts on the show itself... FELD Entertainment. They have only be around since the 1960's however.

    Am I blind to the real answer? Did someone in marketing just make a huge mistake and hoped no one would notice? Did Disney on Ice unlock some form of time travel, and have actually performed throughout a total of 100 years of time?

    Anyone else bothered by this riddle?
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    Re: Disney on Ice Celebrating 100 years of Magic? Wait... What...?

    I didn't give this much thought until I read your post and now I am bothered by this riddle. I did some digging and according to wikipedia (I know wikipedia is not always reliable, but it's what I found) "Disney on Ice 100 Years of Magic" had its first show in 1999. Wikipedia also says that figure skating was invented around the 1860's so my guess is that in 1999 Disney came up with "100 Years of Magic" to mean 100 years of figure skating. I know it's really 130+ years based on the 1999 opening, but maybe they said 100 so it would sound more appealing .


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      Re: Disney on Ice Celebrating 100 years of Magic? Wait... What...?

      I saw this show several years ago here in the UK, and the title is reference to Walt's birth in 1901. It really has been touring the world on and off for 10 years after it's original performance in 2001.

      IMO it's one of the best DOI shows I've seen in the 10+ years we've been going to see them.

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        Re: Disney on Ice Celebrating 100 years of Magic? Wait... What...?

        I have to agree with the poster above. I saw this show 2 years ago and it is still by far the best Disney on Ice show I have seen (and I go to them every time they come to town). But even when I bought the tickets, I wondered what the whole 100 years thing was about. I thought maybe they would explain it during the show. No such luck. The show is awesome, but I think it needs a new name.
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