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News: Hunchback of New Amsterdam Theatre?

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  • News: Hunchback of New Amsterdam Theatre?

    According to this link -> Disney Eying Broadway Run for 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' | Broadway Tour

    Hunchback may be the next show to go into the works for a Broadway premiere, maybe after the supposed Aladdin project opens on Broadway... the link talks about a new songs by Menken and Schwartz. What would you guys like to see in a Hunchback production? Has anyone else heard official talk of bringing hunchback to Broadway?
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    Re: News: Hunchback of New Amsterdam Theatre?

    I've only heard Aladdin is replacing Mary Poppins, but i would welcome this too. Can't wait to see both of these if they both come to Broadway.
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      Re: News: Hunchback of New Amsterdam Theatre?

      Hunchback has been running through Germany for years - it is an amazing production - there used to be some videos online. The reason they would never bring it to America was the ending was very different than the cartoon. They had most of the characters die in the end which was more like the novel. Producers thought it was too dark for american audiences. It seems silly when you think about how long Les Miserables has been running and now has an award winning movie... and almost everyone dies. Both stories were written by the same author too.


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        Re: News: Hunchback of New Amsterdam Theatre?

        Hoping it keeps some of the darker stuff said German version had like Esmeralda's death and the greater suggestion of the Gargoyles being only in Quasimodo's head and them actually convincing Quasi to kill Frollo.
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