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Revive Light Magic???


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  • Revive Light Magic???

    When I listened the Light Magic soundtrack on my older "Official Disneyland Album" yesterday, I really liked the music. I think it wouldn't be too hard to convert the parade into some sort of enjoyable stage show. First thing would be to eliminate the underwhemling, cheesy light effects. Then, rename it something along the lines of "A Celtic Tale." Its really too bad that the well-made soundtrack has gone to waste.

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    Re: Revive Light Magic???

    Before the storm. Let me just say that perhaps you and I are the only ones who liked the music to Light Magic. But I ONLY liked it for the music. The show itself was boring and a bit scary for kids. Here is my summary of Light Tragic:
    • You'd listen to the first song in total darkness just waiting for all the floats to get in place.
    • Then there was endless river-dancing.
    • Then the scary rubber headed trolls would try to steal your children and make them dance in the streets.
    • Crying ensued.
    • Then Tinkerbell was projected onto a bed sheet in the center of each float.
    • Fiber optic twinkled, and then it was over.
    • People walked dumbfounded back to their cars
    • Al and the Disney Internet community was born out of bitching about the terrible show and how Paul Pressler was letting all the lights on Main Street burn out.
    Light Magic was just the tip of the iceberg. A symbol of a dark age for Disney.

    But the music was catchy
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      Re: Revive Light Magic???


      :::runs for the hills:::

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        Re: Revive Light Magic???

        The music to Light Magic wasn't horrible, but then again
        it was that great either ~ it did try to be part of that
        faddy Riverdance Irish synthesized bagpipe music~ bleah.

        Ironically, the BEST part of the music from RiverFairieDance
        was when They Started Playing "The Barouque Hoedown"!!!
        When that little port of BH started playing, you could hear a
        pin drop! A tear sure came to both my eyes, And for a Brief
        Moment EVERYONE thought "Hey, it's the MSEP! MAYBE they
        didn't really get rid of it ~ Maybe this is just a preshow! for
        The REAL THING!"

        But just a quickly that hope was dashed.

        Back to the Original post, yes, the way they designed and
        set up RiverFairieDance ~ It would have been much better
        presented as an Indoor Stage show, or theater in the Round~
        to have better interaction with the audience.

        It was just plain stupid to have 4 Identical Floats, of which only a
        very small percentage of the audience could see one of the 4 screens.
        the only variation from one float to the next were a different
        group of Disney Characters in pajamas. The FairieRiverDance had a
        very limited viewing area, compared to any other DL parade with
        show stops ~ and unlike most DL parades with 3 stops, FairieRiverDance
        only had 2 Show Stops. And the fibre optic light didn't really light up
        the floats that well ~ it was only slightly noticable. So they did have to
        use other types of lighting besides what was suppose to be THE MAGIC
        of Light Magic ~

        All in All, FairieRiverDance just didn't give guests the variety that we came
        to expect from a DL Parade. And DL must have realized the problem before
        they even presented it, because they tried to make sure everyone knew
        that it WASn't a parade ~ it was a "Streetacular". THAT has got to be THE
        worst NEW WORD Disney has ever invented! And to think, they had to
        invent the word just because the replacement for the MSEP didn't even
        meet up to their own expectations.

        And what is even more sad about this replacement for the MSEP, Not
        even DL recognized it in a 50th Book about DL, which covered all attractions
        parades and shows. Light Magic was somehow magically erased from the
        history of DL!
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          Re: Revive Light Magic???

          i also liked the music. i saw a video of the performance, never did get to see it in person. I can see where they had a good idea but it kinda grew to a scary fairy kingdom.


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            Re: Revive Light Magic???

            I never got to see the parade in person (tried to watch some of it on YouTube) - but, I too like the music. Yes, it is on my Ipod.
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              Re: Revive Light Magic???

              Originally posted by BFJen View Post
              I never got to see the parade in person (tried to watch some of it on YouTube) - but, I too like the music. Yes, it is on my Ipod.

              It wasn't a parade... it was a "street"tacular.

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