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Harry Potter book 7


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  • Harry Potter book 7

    Yes, again!

    I looked for the past discussion thread and it was closed so here I am.

    I am currently re-reading 7 and I came upon an "Ah-ha!" moment I wanted to share.

    get out your book and flip to the King's Cross chapter, pg 709. Read, now think back to book 4 and the "gleem" in Dumbledores eyes upon learning of Voldy using Harry's blood.

    Next I site the Rowling interview performed by pottercast. In it she said that the process for making voldy blob into a human was much like making a horcrux. In making voldy-blob into a human, he took Harry's blood and incorperated it into himself.

    I think Harry has the opposite of a horcrux. Crazy? Maybe but hear me out! A small piece of Voldy was in harry making the 7th and unintentional Horcrux.We know they can be made w/o your consent. So who's to say when an act of evil is comitted aginst you so henious as someone stealing your blood, you don't get a "credit" of sorts. When Voldy AK's harry he uses Harry's "credit" residing in Voldy, due to blood. Harry comes back with the Horcrux inside of him having been destroyed by AK.

    If Harry had struck first rather then giving himself up, he would only have distroyed the "credit" inside of Voldy, making it impossible for him to come back.

    So as Voldy became Vapormort after attacking the potters, harry as well became a vapor like substance and returned to his unscathed body...

    I figured it out! Woot for me!

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    Re: Harry Potter book 7

    Ya know, that sounds plausible. I look forward to hearing other peoples opinions on your theory.


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      Re: Harry Potter book 7

      It all comes down to choices, as Dumbledore said. The minute Harry willing went to give himself up, he truly became a mirror image of Voldemort- the same components but flipped. Whereas Voldemort clung to life with such grip that the important parts of it slipped out of his fingers, and festered such distrust and fear that he ended up not truly being able to rely on anyone. I really think it came down to how even his diehard supporters just couldn't measure up in the final battle against such passion and protectiveness. Voldemort was his own worst enemy.

      That said, I think Dumbledore's gleam of triumph also involved the potential to change Voldemort may have unwittingly given himself by using Harry's blood- protection and all. I imagined before book 7 that it could work like... best example I can think of is the Venom symbiote but for good- like the Santa suit on Invader Zim that just pushed goodwill on the shrieky alien.

      I think the theory is a great technical explanation- you should think about sending it to Scribbulus.
      my website:


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        Re: Harry Potter book 7

        I just hope when they go make the movie, they don't screw up how I see that scene in my head when he goes to fight him in the end. LOL

        Great theory though, Ive been trying to figure that one out, nice correlation.


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