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The True Story Of VMK


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  • The True Story Of VMK

    Hello everyone, i made a story not to long ago and i want to share it. Its sad at the end obviously Here you are!

    The Real story Of VMK
    By Sword99

    December 23, 2006

    It was my first day ever playing IN VMK at the point. I Had no clue
    what anything really was until i started getting used to it, and well of course
    reading the help button and all. But the game really started to work out for me.
    I Remember that day making my first Vurtuial Friends. They always ment alot to me
    and always will.

    January 15, 2007

    What was it that started to make my days in VMK So hard? Playing 24/7 Trying to
    Stock up on some credits, Making my way to the very goal. 10,000 Credits! Of
    course i needed them to make my rooms, and make htem nice to try and win the
    Best Guest room! I Can just remember it now. Hearing the waves of the Vurtiual
    Waters, Playing Pirates of the Caribbean Mini-Game forever to get my goal!
    The Double Credit Days always were a big advantage until then! The Bright and
    colorful Flashes of the Pixelated Fireworks, they made a Pretty Spark and all,
    But getting flawlesses were the key to beginning you sucecess in Fireworks.
    I Always got my credits from fireworks most often though. every mornings i just
    Love waking up to get highscores in The Scafari Game! getting that extra 750
    Credits. Anyways. After i got to my goal of the day, i just saved my credits
    and went for the same goal again! and well then, i used it all up for the rooms!
    June 5th, 2007
    Happy Birthday VMK! You just turend 2 years old. HELLLLOOOO TIKI PARADISE!
    all the tiki items have been re-released again. hoo rah.. thats it for this
    section 0_0

    December 24, 2007

    Merry Christmas VMK And everyone in it!
    Finally my favorite time of year has come to this point. So much Gingerbread
    items, and tasty sweet treats!

    January 5th, 2008

    WHOOHOOA! More magic! Finally. Its magic month now and we all see on the
    newsletter that They are gonna release Flying carpet this month! WHOOT!
    I Saved up nd got all the magic on sale until the end of this month pretty much.
    .....But.. wheres flying crpet?

    April 2nd, 2008
    YAY Refreshment items, Footbase Topsy Turvy! now thats what i call a month!
    So many things are happening in VMK now. hopefully flying carpet comes out!
    Many peopole expected it a while ago now tho..

    April 14th, 2008---Warning Dramatic----
    ... This is a sad day to EVERYONE in vmk today. I Always seemed to fool my
    little brother saying VMK Was closing forever. But this time, it was true.
    He was outside playing, So i ran out their ASAP! I Told him VMK was closing
    forever and he obviously did not beleive me, so i grabed his hands and ran
    inside ot show him the truth. As he read down the newsletter his eyes watterd
    i yelled out "Darn!, All of this was for nothing! ALL THAT TIME SPENT, VMK LIED
    they said it was up and strong as ever, most items they said were to be released
    Never Came!"

    May 21st, 2008

    Me And my brother said goodbye to our hardworked on rooms and characters, and
    Danced the night away until they were closed. When VMK closed at 3:00 that night
    Me and my brother sat their in depression, my brother almost crying... Until that
    day, our VMK Gaming and fun experience, never came back, Ever again. and as from
    then I always remembered the memmories. Waking up at 10:00 for the host Events,
    Playing hte Sparkeling Bursts of fireworks, Listening to the Animals Cry in the
    Wilde, and The ea worshipping my crew. and now of this moment, VMK Will be a
    never to be forgotten memmory.

    "When you wish Upon a star, makes no difference who you are, wish what ever
    your heart desires, Will come to you"
    Last edited by Sword99; 06-10-2008, 07:10 AM.
    VMK was a good memory, won't be forgotten. But just because a games gone does not mean I am

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    Re: The True Story Of VMK

    Awwwww Tony........... I read this a few times ]:
    You definitely summed up everyone's look on VMK throughout it's entire time. I loved waking up and playing the games to hope to get on the high score before the pros got up there.... heh...... This was a nice post [:

    |siggie:me|not very active on this site:sorry|
    ~ KelseaNicole ~


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      Re: The True Story Of VMK

      Thanks Kelsea, took me a while to make up
      VMK was a good memory, won't be forgotten. But just because a games gone does not mean I am


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        Re: The True Story Of VMK

        thanks much for the post, Technology. you said it very well.

        man it took me like 20 minutes just to say that much o_o I'm having trouble organizing my thoughts right now I guess.

        once again, nice work dude.

        oh and btw, hey Kelsea and Technology, I haven't talked to you in forever... so just saying hi.
        Bear with me, I'm learning as I go.


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          Re: The True Story Of VMK

          Ah yes memories!

          The time wasted, I remember it well.


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            Re: The True Story Of VMK

            Wow! Its been forever sinse i have benn on mice chat, Ive been so busy! Glad to be back! Btw, I forgot i even made this story. Also, Hello Red warp And Kelsea! - waves -
            VMK was a good memory, won't be forgotten. But just because a games gone does not mean I am


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              Re: The True Story Of VMK

              WHY! Why must the good die young!

              I will aways remember disney in my heart. And i have started a little rip for vmk :

              I Will Wear my vmk braclet, that i got inpark from winning inpark quests, all the time 24/7 and never going to take it off as a remember of vmk, and i will never forget the words that it said :

              " \M< Unleash the magic" then on the inside " Secret code" and then after secret code it said the code.


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                Re: The True Story Of VMK

                When i first saw this on the Newsletter.I went on vmk. before it got closed and gave stuff away..... MAN.. i wish 1 day..Vmk would come back..and then.. we would be happy so i always go to the vmk thing every 2 days the 1 that gpdot made so i could remember this thing always.
                Vmk forever and Always..
                Vmk will always be with us and we will always :bow::beg:remember and treasure it.:bow::beg:


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                  Re: The True Story Of VMK

                  Very good, sad story :/
                  and so, the princess must leave her kingdom on May 21st, 2008. </3


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                    Re: The True Story Of VMK

                    Thanks. Its been a Year since Iv'e Been on here. I Forgot i wrote this story. But Hallo Everyone! Im back. Lol
                    VMK was a good memory, won't be forgotten. But just because a games gone does not mean I am


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