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July 24, 2008 - Privateering Now Live!


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  • July 24, 2008 - Privateering Now Live!

    Wanted: Able Deckhands and Pirates!

    After weeks of tavern gossip, we can now confirm the rumors as true - Privateering has come to the Caribbean!

    The feuding Pirate "Lords" Garcia de Avaricia and Pierre le Porc are now actively recruiting Pirates from all over the Caribbean to join their ranks and take up Privateering under the Pirate "Lords" respective flag.

    Interested Pirates should sail (or teleport) to either Garcia's Isla De La Avaricia or Pierre's Ile D'Etable De Porc to get their Privateer's license. Both Avaricia (the Spanish "Lord") and le Porc (the French "Lord") are providing new recruits with basic provisions and licenses to Privateer.

    Pirates that enlist have a chance to make a reputation for themselves (not to mention, a few gold coins) while engaging in villainy and destruction! Enlist now and establish your legacy as a Spanish or French Privateer!
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    Re: July 24, 2008 - Privateering Now Live!

    thanks for posting this.
    Release Notes - July 23 2008
    • Privateering has been added:
      • Side with either the French or Spanish pirate "Lords" as a privateer and engage rival Pirates in epic sea battles
      • Launch your ship from the islands of Isla De La Avaricia (Spanish) or Ile D'Etable De Porc (French), and you will automatically be put into Privateering mode
      • New Privateering loading hint screens have been added
      • Added Privateering chat. Now you can communicate with other members of your team without an opposing team knowing about it. (This type of chat will appear in a gold color in your chat window.)
      • While in Privateering mode, flagships will sink immediately when you disable them
    • Adjusted the armor on NPC ships so it is slightly weaker than player ships
    • Cannon balls are no longer be able to be shot through islands
    • Added a minimum system requirements check to the game launcher
    • Added the Crew Heads Up Display (HUD) so you can see what other crew members are doing
    • Updated the Basic Access player popup
    • The radar now remembers your zoom level when boarding and leaving a ship
    • Added NPCs with glowing question marks above their heads. These "helper NPCs" will give advice in the same manner as Quest dialog. You can find a couple of these NPCs on the Privateering islands
    • The ship repair panel will update correctly when repairing your ship
    • Undead Grenadiers now animate properly when attacking players
    • Avatars that teleport to friends (but whose friends are still in jail) will be able to leave the jail, if the door was already kicked down
    • Updated the ship damage interface
    • Cannons do more damage the closer you are to your enemy
    • Removed the teleport totem icon from the map for Kingshead island
    • The Ray-Of-Light will guide you better to your Quest objectives
    • Fixed several Quest dialog bugs
    • Fixed a bug that caused the cannon reload status bar to occasionally hang at an intermediate point
    • Fixed a bug that was preventing clothing/jewelry/tattoo rewards from being dropped by enemies if your inventory was already full of these items
    • Fixed a bug that allowed players to appear undead outside of PVP
    • Fixed a bug that allowed the French/Spanish NPCs to respawn on their ship if it was taking too long to defeat all NPCs
    • Fixed a bug with the voodoo doll that would divide healing power among all attuned targets(including enemy NPCs) instead of only dividing it among attuned targets that are players
    • Fixed a bug that would not allow you to run after you died while taking aim with the pistol
    Known Issues - July 23 2008
    • On rare occasions a player's ship will be stuck at sea
      • Workaround: The next time the game servers are restarted, the ship will return to the player
    • A recent AVG Internet Security update falsely detects Pirates Online's "Launcher1.exe" as a Trojan Horse.
      • Workaround: Download the latest definition file from AVG released Sunday, April 27
    • Trend Micro Anti-Virus has falsely detected Pirates Online's Launcher1.exe as a Trojan Horse
      • Workaround: Download the latest definition file from Trend Micro
    • Occasionally, a Boss Battle crew will not remain intact after teleporting to the Boss Battle
    • Members of the crew will sometimes get left behind when boarding a flagship, causing the player to be unable to move.
      • Workaround:Hitting F1 will release the player.
    • The Whisper chat window closes the second time you click Whisper and try to send a message.
      • Workaround: Close and re-open the Pirate's avatar panel each time you want to whisper to a fellow Pirate.
    • The Lookout System seems like it is often not able to find matches for higher level Pirates looking to do PVP
      • Workaround: Invite other high level Pirates to PVP before initiating the Lookout System.
    • The chat panel sometimes switches to Local when you are chatting with your Guild or Crew.
      • Workaround: Click either the Guild or Crew chat tab.
    • On rare occasions, pressing the Enter button on the keyboard will not bring up the Chat window.
      • Workaround: Click on the gold arrow next to the skull icon, which is found in the bottom left hand corner of the game window.
    • Game does not minimize when clicking Upgrade button on Mac.
      • Workaround: Switch your game settings to Windowed Mode
    • Grenades are not hitting the fort floors or ship floors.
      • Workaround: You must hit an enemy directly to cause damage.
    • Vista and Mac game-related crashes occurring while boarding, sailing, and docking ships
      • Workaround: For users with ATI video cards, try updating to the newest driver version which you can download from here


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      Re: July 24, 2008 - Privateering Now Live!

      Is this for Unlimited Access only or can anyone play?


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        Re: July 24, 2008 - Privateering Now Live!

        anyone can play it. just tp to one of the island and dock from there and have some fun


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          Re: July 24, 2008 - Privateering Now Live!

          I Think its really hard! But it is fun. And i like the whole new armor thing for your ships. It makes killing NPC ships a whole lot easier.
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            Re: July 24, 2008 - Privateering Now Live!

            Originally posted by thecoolestaw16 View Post
            anyone can play it. just tp to one of the island and dock from there and have some fun
            Thanks for the info. I haven't been on pirates in awhile.


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              Re: July 24, 2008 - Privateering Now Live!

              Originally posted by zeppelindude View Post
              I Think its really hard! But it is fun. And i like the whole new armor thing for your ships. It makes killing NPC ships a whole lot easier.

              Until the Armour runs out... Then the amount of damage they do to you is significantly more...
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