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Jellybean Gardening - Spoiler Alert


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  • Jellybean Gardening - Spoiler Alert

    Sometimes getting the right jellybean combination for planting flowers takes time and a lot out of your hard - earned jellybean bank. To help others on the same boat, here is a little cheat sheet so no one else has to waste their jellybeans to find the right combination. Each number in parentheses after the flower name show how many jellybeans it takes to plant the flower. The combinations for the flowers are supposed to be entered in the same order as I have listed them. Have fun gardening and I will post more combinations once I get to higher levels.

    What in Carnation (1) : Pink
    School Daisy (1) : Yellow
    Lily of the Alley (1) : Light Blue
    Laff o Dil (1) : Green
    Dandy Pansy (1) : Orange
    Lily Pad (2) : Green & Cyan
    Lazy Daisy (2) : Pink & Yellow
    Daffy Dill (2) : Green & Pink
    Chim Pansy (2) : Cyan & Orange
    Tiger Lily (3) : Cyan, Orange (x2)
    Summer's Last Rose (3) : Red (x3)
    Potsen Pansy (3) : Orange, Red (x2)
    Hybrid Carnation (3) : Pink, Red (x2)
    Livered Lily (4) : Cyan, Orange (x2), Pink
    Giraff o Dil (4) : Green, Pink, Yellow (x2)
    dMomDelta Mu Chi Alpha ΔΜΧΑdMom

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    Re: Jellybean Gardening - Spoiler Alert

    Thank you so much you have saved me a lot of time.


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