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Halo 3 campaign expansion announced


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  • Halo 3 campaign expansion announced

    News: Halo 3 campaign expansion announced -
    ^Bungie is going to try to keep Halo 3 alive with this new expansion.
    Happy Halloween!!!

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    Re: Halo 3 campaign expansion announced

    I wish someone could explain to me why Halo is any different than your average FPS -- I've played a million of these and Halo didn't do anything to wow me.
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      Re: Halo 3 campaign expansion announced

      Some people hate it...some people like it. I enjoy the game. Online is quite fun too. Its not one sided like most online fps so it adds competition. Im not sure how i feel about an expansion.... seems like a waste of time and money to me.


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        Re: Halo 3 campaign expansion announced

        My husband got more into it after discovering the Red vs Blue movies. Otherwise, I'm with you - I don't get it.
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          Re: Halo 3 campaign expansion announced

          SO STOKED ABOUT THIS ANNOUNCEMENT!! The controls, level design, multilayer, story are all solid which is why it's got such a huge fan base. A quick jump on online with its superb opponent match making never disappoints, making each battle equal playing ground for every one and challenging fun every time. Add the new map editor (forge), live replays, in game content sharing, downloadable content and now the expansion and the new mythic maps plus the sand box forge map where you create a map from the ground up.... there's loads of things to do.
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            Re: Halo 3 campaign expansion announced

            Halo has one fan base... those that are console only FPS players. If you've ever played any decent FPS on PC (crap... even Halflife) you'd find Halo stale and lacking. Halo3 has awesome visuals - but that's not enough to carry the game. It's a franchise with a fan base from the original xbox.

            all of the FPS which are supposed to be pure action based suck on the consoles. They look and sound great.. and are fun to play through for the story.. but if you want a MP experience, even quake:TF beats it from how many years ago?

            I watched the video today... yawn. Then I went back to playing Geometry Wars2 and GHIII.


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