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Pixie Hollow - Guide to the basics with Photos!


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  • Pixie Hollow - Guide to the basics with Photos!

    Pixie Hollow has officially open and all the pixies have rejoiced. Here we take a look at the basic features and what's in store for this exciting world of pixies.

    Our very own Peguinsoda has already given great insight into how to make your pixie, so I will just reference that here and get to the game itself.

    Making a Pixie

    **The screen shots I took aren't as clear as the actual game, I didn't notice until AFTER I had taken them, given the amount of time it took to obtain each picture, I'm going to leave them as is, my sincerest apologies.**

    To start you will need to choose a server, I'm going to go ahead and name "Honey Plain" as the official Mice Chat server but feel free to pick which ever appeals to you.

    There are two big zones at the moment, Spring Valley and Autumn Forest. (I imagine the Winter and Summer seasons will open as the game progresses.)

    Each Season has sub-zones, which I have labeled for you here.

    In Springtime Valley we have the following sub-zones:
    • Springtime Orchard
    • Cherry Blossom Hill
    • Treetop Bend
    • Neverberry Thicket
    • Dewdrop Vale

    In Autumn Forest we have the following sub-zones:

    • Maple Tree Hill
    • Pumpkin Patch

    There are currently two ways to move between zones, either clicking on your Leaf Journal (which we will cover below) and choosing the area on the map OR clicking on the leaf arrows in each zone.

    Leaf arrow in zone:

    As you travel between worlds, you see this as your loading screen.

    Your Leaf Journal holds all the important information you need, in order to play the game. If you click on the Leaf Journal icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen, it will open for you.

    Leaf Journal Icon:

    There are a series of tabs along the right hand side of the book that are quite useful and will be discussed shortly.

    The First tab is your Map and has already been covered above.

    The Second tab is your Wardrobe tab, it is an inventory of every piece of clothing you own and can wear.

    The Third tab is for Storage, it holds all the furniture for your house.

    The Fourth tab is your Profile and you can create a personality for your pixie.

    The Fifth tab is your Badges, it shows you what you have earned so far under each respective category.

    Badges are something you earn as you play, you can get badges for various reasons, making friends, exploring new areas etc..

    Here is an example of a badge you can earn:

    The Sixth tab is for Crafts, as you get better at crafting you unlock new and higher level items for yourself that you can make with the proper ingredients. I'll go into that in more detail a little later.

    The Seventh and final tab is your Options and here you can adjust various things like turning off the music, for example.

    Closing out your Leaf Journal, I will continue on with the main screens.

    Back in the upper left hand corner this is a Pouch icon:

    As you travel around Pixie Hollow you will notice a lot of items that are available to pick up, ingame they are called "ingredients" that you should collect as they are the form of currency used in the game. You can obtain ingredients in various ways, collecting them in zones or playing games.

    Here is what an ingredient looks like:

    Inside your pouch, which you can access at anytime, shows exactly how many of each ingredient you own:

    The last icon in that area is your pixie house icon, clicking on it takes you to your own pixie home.

    This is given to you from the start of the game, along with a few minor pieces of furniture.

    Continuing on with the main screen:

    In the bottom right hand corner there is a News Mailbox, it's there so you can access all the up to date ongoings of Pixie Hollow.

    The Icon looks like this:

    This is the current pixie postings:

    Well, there are the basics for now, there are some obvious things that I will post about as I get deeper into it. The crafting, games and shops I'll make part of my next installment.

    That's it for now, should you happen to be wandering around and see "May Waterlily", be sure and say hello!

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    re: Pixie Hollow - Guide to the basics with Photos!

    Wonderful Summer!!! I have to admit, I was getting lost and confused a bit in there last night with you guys... this is a great intro to the game!! Thanks for posting all of this!

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      re: Pixie Hollow - Guide to the basics with Photos!

      The site looks really pretty and the colors are great. What did you think about it Summer? Is it fun to play as well? What age levels will enjoy it? I'm assuming that it was built for girls 8 - 11. But does it have any interest beyond that?
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        re: Pixie Hollow - Guide to the basics with Photos!

        Great guide! Thank you!
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          Originally posted by Dustysage View Post
          The site looks really pretty and the colors are great. What did you think about it Summer? Is it fun to play as well? What age levels will enjoy it? I'm assuming that it was built for girls 8 - 11. But does it have any interest beyond that?
          For comparison, remember when VMK first opened and there wasn't much to do but there was always the promise of something better? That's the feeling I get with this, there is going to be something better. With 2 more areas left to finish and the pixie dust tree (which "should" be huge) still in the works, this game has great potential to replace VMK in that regard.

          I have fun playing it, there is a variety of games that you have to play, even crafting clothes for tailoring takes some skill, the more levels you unlock. I would say it could go a little wider in the age range, maybe 6-13 or 14ish.

          So as it is right now I can see it getting old very quickly but it has a TON of potential and I can easily see this being successful, here's hoping Disney takes it in the right direction.


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            re: Pixie Hollow - Guide to the basics with Photos!

            Please do update w/crafting... all I could find said you had to have the pay version to do it.
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