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RCT# custom coasters


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  • RCT# custom coasters

    Can anyone tell me how to use these in game? I downloaded them and they're all in .trk formats. I moved them to mydocs/rct3/coasters but I can't bring them up in sandbox mode. And the title should be RCT3.

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    Re: RCT# custom coasters

    If they are custom built coasters they must go here:

    C:\Program Files\Atari\RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Platinum\Coaster Designs

    If you are not using Platinum then the name will just be RollerCoasterTycoon3. And you should be using Scenario Builder not Sandbox. You get everything in the Scenario Creator and can move all Reasearch Items into the available at game start up. You have unlimited money and just about unlimited everything. You can set all the Park options to whatever you want. Set goals and challenges if you want and then after everything is done to your satisfaction you can open as a new game and play it, or film it and make a movie like myself and Disney Wrassler do. But sandbox doesn't do much and doesn't allow you to really build it your way. Scenario Builder does.
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