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Pixie Hollow - Guide to Tailoring


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  • Pixie Hollow - Guide to Tailoring

    In Pixie Hollow, tailoring plays an important role as the more people tailor, the more outfits become available.

    To start, you need to visit a local tailor, my example comes from Bobbin's Tailoring Nook's, which is found in Springtime Orchard.

    In order to open up personal patterns, you need to do community patterns, which if I understand correctly, the more you do, the more options are offered to the new pixies that get created.

    After choosing Community Patterns, it starts you off with a list that you can do.

    To clarify, the numbers you see aren't how "many" you have to do, it's how many points you need in order to open up the next level of patterns. Now since I've been doing it for awhile my numbers are a lot higher. The first set of patterns you can complete at 500 and they steadily go up from there. I didn't do an exact count but it only took about 5-7 rounds of tailoring to get 500.

    After choosing the pattern you want to make, it allows you to choose what color to make one. I haven't found any benefit from picking one color over another so far.

    Step 1 is coloring the fabric (Roly Poly Dyeing)

    It operates very much like a game of Breakout where you have to keep the ball moving over the pattern until it's all covered or the timer runs out.

    Step 2 is cutting out the fabric. (Caterpillar Cutting)

    This game is basically leading a caterpillar chasing after some cake to cover all the dots from start to finish. It's not terribly difficult but there is still a period of adjustment.

    Step 3 is lining up the pattern. (Pattern Placement)

    It's a small jigsaw puzzle where ants deliver your puzzle pieces.

    Step 4 is sewing the fabric.

    You have to wait until the spider is completely over the hole and click it at the right time. The closer you get, the better quality the final product becomes.

    After completing all 4 steps, you see your score and get your points.

    So that's it, rinse, repeat and enjoy. The more you tailor, the more patterns open up for you and you also help the community in the process.
    You also receive a badge after so many completions.

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    Re: Pixie Hollow - Guide to Tailoring

    Wow... that looks so cute and fun LOL I'll have to try that.
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      Re: Pixie Hollow - Guide to Tailoring

      I'll have to try that. I saw the option to go there. For some reason the game runs really slow on my desk top, but really well on my laptop. It's puzzling, because my lap top has less memory and a slower processor...hhmmm...


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        Re: Pixie Hollow - Guide to Tailoring

        Well theres more than an hour of my life I'll never get back... :lol: Darn Summer!! I was so determined I was going to get that spider to get every spot done I sat there until I completed the first level.

        Never did get perfect on the spider part though.

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          Re: Pixie Hollow - Guide to Tailoring

          Originally posted by penguinsoda View Post
          Well theres more than an hour of my life I'll never get back... :lol: Darn Summer!! I was so determined I was going to get that spider to get every spot done I sat there until I completed the first level.

          Never did get perfect on the spider part though.
          It's harder than it looks isn't it?! I found myself just adjusting the cake as he chews, if I focus on that it seems to help. LOL


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            Re: Pixie Hollow - Guide to Tailoring

            I got through all of it the first time. I did the skirt after that the shirt was easy.

            have you played the games? So far I've played the dew drop/web game. the firefly game, and the bouncing fish bubble game. They are really easy to play. I guess this game is for younger kids....


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              Re: Pixie Hollow - Guide to Tailoring

              ^LOL Yes I have and you are correct, it's very Disney kid friendly for certain. I dew drop game I have some trouble with but I like the firefly game, that was a lot of fun for me.


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                Re: Pixie Hollow - Guide to Tailoring

                I love the firefly game. I got the hang of the dew drop game and it's pretty easy now. The game I hate is the petal collecting game. I got so far in and the pixie dust circle just stopped working. Maybe it will work better on the lap top. The bubble fish game was kind of boring. I really liked the harvest collect game.

                If you score 100 points on tailoring you unlock a pattern...


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