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some PSP questions


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  • some PSP questions

    We want to buy one for my sister since she is going to be in the hospital for a few months and bored out of her mind. We figured this will be a good investment since it is so versatile- we can load books, music, magazines, etc on it, as well as supscribing to game fly so she can rent movies and games.

    How much memory would you reccommend? I can probably teach my mom how to load the memory sticks for her, we planned on acquiring and burning media onto dics so she can store them that way.

    Also, her upper body will be in traction for about 6 months and we were concerned about her having the lift the screen to her face in order to use it. How big/clear is the screen- will she be able to watch movies if she holds it in her lap. Or even better, is it possible to hook it up to a television?

    I would appreciate any advice or suggestions you might have. She has a long, hard, and ultimately boring recovery ahead of her and we want to make her as comfortable as possible.
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    Re: some PSP questions

    I think this is an amazing idea! I've never actually seen a PSP. The only store here carrying them is Target and they are always sold out. Sorry no help!
    Have you gone to the PSP website, its pretty extensive and has a help forum <we looked into getting one for the kid before he spent the summer in Alaska>


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      Re: some PSP questions

      Memory comes with the unit, but you WILL want to spring for extra Memory Stick Duo cards to use! I know they go up to 1gig, but they are REALLY expensive. Get the most you can afford to get.
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        Re: some PSP questions

        PSPs have a beautiful, clear screen, and rather large as far as portable devices. I have 2 1GB Duos and 1 2GB. With the right level of compression, I can fit 5 full-length movies on a 1GB stick (for instance, 1 of them has all 3 Matrix movies, Revenge of the Sith and Bubba Ho-Tep). It's a good way to have a movie library that you can rotate at will from your PC (or Mac!), and it extends the battery life, since you're not having to spin the UMD. I'd recommend a 1GB, for sure...
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