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A Video Game Theme Park?


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  • A Video Game Theme Park?

    James Irish goes Blue Sky on a Video Game Theme Park
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    I love video games. I enjoy theme parks an awful lot, too, or else I wouldn't be here. So it makes sense to me to combine them. I think the timing's right; the modern video game era began in earnest around 1981 with Pac-Man reaching American arcades, and that's almost 30 years ago now, sufficient time for games and their characters to become ingrained in the collective consciousness of more than one generation. And since I'm a wacko who gets bored easily and likes to think about stuff like this, I figured I'd do a small blue sky treatment, and will be posting what I come up with when I come up with it.

    The Big Three are as follows:

    And minor partners?

    HARMONIX: Music game makers extraordinaire (they developed the first few Guitar Hero games, the Rock Band series, and are now even getting to work with the Beatles!), Harmonix knows a thing or two about audio. In addition to a minor amphitheatre with the Rock Band name on it, Harmonix would be a key partner in developing music and sound-based mini-games for interactive exhibits throughout the park. Hey, they did it for EPCOT!

    Now here's how the park will generally look...

    ENTRANCE "LAND": Arcade Concourse: A giant-sized throwback to the old days, featuring exhibits on gaming history, shops, a couple food stands, and at least one full service restaurant at the end (the aforementioned Burgertime).

    From there, stretching out around the park are 5 themed lands...

    South East - Mushroom Kingdom: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong and the rest of Nintendo's most important franchise

    East by North East - Pac-Man's Park: Family-friendly franchises like Pac-Man, Pokemon, Kirby and Super Monkey Ball

    North - Hyrule: Legend of Zelda is king, but also home to Soul Calibur, Fire Emblem and other high fantasy game settings

    West by North West - Chaos Emerald Islands: High octane thrills courtesy of Sonic the Hedgehog and other Sega mascots

    South West - Sci-Fi Escapes: Home to Metroid, Star Fox, the House of the Dead, Galaga and similar sci-fi and horror games

    Up next, we'll look a little more in-depth into the Arcade Concourse's attractions, shops and dining.
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    Re: A Video Game Theme Park?

    Sounds cool... Get IN the game!

    There was once an indoor theme park in Sydney called SegaWorld... it closed about 10 years ago now probably but that was kinda cool... but I'm sure a full-scale outdoor theme park would definitely be better at pulling visitors than SegaWorld was.

    I think it would be important to have no 'virtual' or video-game style rides in the park though... so nothing like Star Tours that is in a simulator... would definitely need to immerse you right into the world as if you were in the games.


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      Re: A Video Game Theme Park?

      I caught your post about the video game theme park deal. I've been thinking along those same lines, do you know if there is anything like this actually in development from any of the major players?

      Oh yeah, and if thinking about this stuff makes you a wacko, then count me in.


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        Re: A Video Game Theme Park?

        Real life Mario Party!!!!!
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          Re: A Video Game Theme Park?

          Nice topic. You can check griefster which provides discussions about the same..


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            Re: A Video Game Theme Park?

            If Valve made a ride in one of these theme parks based off Half Life, Portal, or Team Fortress 2, that would be the icing on the cake.

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