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PS2 is STILL outselling the PS3

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  • PS2 is STILL outselling the PS3

    Sony's Playstation 2 outselling Playstation 3 - Plugged In - Yahoo! Games

    Mired in an overall slump, the once recession-proof video game industry is finally experiencing some adverse effects from the troubled economy.
    Just ask Sony. The games giant saw losses pretty much across the board in the year's first quarter, as sales of its flagship Playstation 3 system fell from last year's 1.6 million to only 1.1 million. Its PSP handheld saw a huge drop, too, from 3.7 million to only 1.2 million.
    The one bright spot? The nine year-old Playstation 2, which managed to outsell the PS3 by roughly 500,000 units despite being older than some of its fans.
    Part of the system's continued success can be attributed to the ailing economy. At only $99, it's a significantly cheaper alternative to the entry-level Xbox 360 ($199) and Nintendo Wii ($250), not to mention the still inordinately pricey Playstation 3 ($399). Adding bang to the buck is the system's massive library of highly-rated, value-priced games, which includes seminal titles from huge franchises like Grand Theft Auto, God of War and Final Fantasy. The PS2 also boasts the ability to play DVDs, which, despite Sony's efforts to promote its hi-def Blu-Ray technology, remains the industry's leading format (though video game sales outperformed both in 2008).
    Anybody surprised??? I don't think so.

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    Re: PS2 is STILL outselling the PS3

    Give me a $100 price drop on the PS3 and I'm in. Paid $399 for my 360 two years ago, and I'm just not into gaming enough to plunk down $400 more for another system. BUT, if Sony dropped the price another $100 I'd go down to Best Buy and pick one up in a heartbeat (then swing over to a buddy's house to borrow some seriously badass games).

    As for bluray. Not surprised at all. I have an HDTV, even have an HD-DVD drive to go with my 360, but anymore I get my HD content through downloads and streaming. I'd rather spend my cash on a high speed internet connection (which I personally feel has more value) than to opt for another disc based system that is going to be replaced by digital downloads anyway.
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      Re: PS2 is STILL outselling the PS3

      If theyd figure away to make it backwards compatable to PS2 and 1 games, then I'd consider buying one
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        Re: PS2 is STILL outselling the PS3

        all PS3's are compatible with PS1 games. It was foolish of them to drop support for PS2 games
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