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1 vs 100 on XBL


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  • 1 vs 100 on XBL

    If you haven't seen this yet... you should check it out.

    This game is quite good because I think it gels together elements that show just what the future of gaming may be like. It also shows just how cool a live community is.

    It's based on the TV show obviously.. and when played, one XBL member gets selected for the 'one' playing against 100 other XBL players as the 'mob'. These guys are playing for real prizes in the form of Microsoft points and XBL arcade title giveaways.

    Anyone else can play and be part of the crowd. The crowd plays along, but does not impact the 'one' or the 'mob'. The crowd is just playing for stats.

    The game is played during set time windows, which some are actual 'live' games played with a host (where prizes can be won) and the rest of the games are called 'expended play' where you are only playing for stats.

    Stats are collected over the week, and the stats influence who is picked to be the 'one' or the 'mob' during live games.

    The game itself is the basic trivia game, but adds some twists to it by scoring better the quicker you answer, the more you get in a row correct, etc.

    What I think is foreshadowing about this game is the things it brings together
    • A live 'meeting point' where value is placed into playing at a certain time. We see more and more of this with promotions like 'play with the developers' etc type promotions
    • An easy game to approach which can appeal to all ages
    • The head to head factor of playing against live people
    • A live production, including live host who interacts with the audience during the game
    • A system to integrate advertising into the game via short video spots

    The integration of live production and ads I think could really be a demonstration of just how games can be played in the future... more like true sporting events rather then disconnected, isolated individuals.

    The ability to do a live production into a game is a pretty cool demonstration for XBL.

    So have you all tried it out? What do you think? I think its rather addicting to try to get to the leaderboards.

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    Re: 1 vs 100 on XBL

    I LOVE this game. In fact, I think it is a glimpse of what the future of TV will be like. It is really less game than it is interactive television. Instead of just watching 1 Vs. 100, you are playing it!!! Live host, prizes, and everything.

    Lots of fun.

    Here's a link to a blog posting I made about it on a telecom site: Unified Entertainment and Communications for the Home | Telecom Monthly - Telecom News, VoIP, SIP Trunking, Mobile, IP Telephony, SIP Phone, VoIP Softswitch
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      Re: 1 vs 100 on XBL

      That actually sounds brilliant. I love interactive trivia.


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        Re: 1 vs 100 on XBL

        Dusty - I agree. This game is more a glimpse of what can and will be. The integration of live production, along with media, and integrated (but not TOO obtrusive) advertising is going to be powerful.

        The ad spots lately have gotten longer which is an issue... but if they keep them short, they KNOW people are watching.


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          Re: 1 vs 100 on XBL

          1 vs 100 is pretty addicting.

          Perhaps we should have a Micechat 1 vs 100 night. Someone starts an Xbox party and the micechatters playing join in.

          Also I enjoy the ads, it makes the game free to play, while still able to give prizes. Also the ads make for good restroom breaks.


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            Re: 1 vs 100 on XBL

            Live show tonight.

            Hope to see a micechatter as the one.


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              Re: 1 vs 100 on XBL

              So far tonight, the live show is not working.

              1vs100 for Xbox LIVE (1vs100XboxLIVE) on Twitter


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