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What Type of Puffle are you?


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  • What Type of Puffle are you?

    micechaters who play club penguin will know who puffles are, for you who dont heres a run down:
    Puffles are small furry lovable creatures which reside on club penguin there are currently 8 differet types of puffles, each with its own personality

    Blue: the Loyal type
    Red: The Adventureus type
    Pink: the Athletic type
    Yellow: the Artistic type
    Purple: the Diva Dancer type
    Green: the Silly Fun Loving type
    Black: the Strong Silent type
    White: the Shy type

    now inorder to find out your type figure out what you are most like
    EX: i like having fun and drawing.
    then find the type of puffle(s) you are most like
    EX: im most like the Yellow and Green
    now for added fun you can if your more than one type you can combine the colors to get a different type\
    EX: im kinda a Lime puffle

    So have fun!
    Hello? I seem to be in some sort of inter dimensional dimension with no way in or out....Send Help! and Pie! pumpkin peferably

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