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"Epic" Mickey - Steampunk meets WDW (Lots of information here)


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  • "Epic" Mickey - Steampunk meets WDW (Lots of information here)

    It has been rumored that a game called Epic Mickey will be released for the Wii. It has already some concept art. But the fun thing about this is that the environment is Steampunk. Not only it will feature Disney characters, but Walt Disney World will be the scenery. Here are some information:

    Evidence has emerged that Warren Spector's Junction Point Studios is working on a game codenamed "Epic Mickey" for the Wii, offering a dark, steampunk-style take on Mickey Mouse and the Magic Kingdom.

    Most of the evidence comes from the rumour-hunter's faithful friend - concept artists' websites - and appears to corroborate a Gamasutra report from late last year that first identified the "Epic Mickey" codename.

    Concept art, as promised:

    Alright, after analyzing everything, conclusion:
    How do I got to this conclusion? Let me present my ideas:
    - First of all, lets analyze THIS picture:

    You can notice several things.
    1. The black and white characters are repeated. You can see 2 pigs, 2 eagles, 2 minnies...
    2. There are construction things around that big bottle which is writed Paint Thinner. Now, first, you can see that there is a red circle around Mickey's head, that means that this is against Mickey, or, lets be clear COLOR CARTOONS.
    3. Why only color cartoons? Well, its because of a simple look: every character working on the bottle is black and white. And in the other pictures, the character who got zombified/destroyed/anything else starred in COLOR CARTOONS. Exceptions are Goofy and Henry the Bear, cause Goofy first starred in black and white, but now its an color cartoon. And Henry the Bear is an animatronic at the Country bear Jamboree.
    4. The dwarves are dead. They have no eyes. They have been modified, and there are teacups over their shells. Those are the teacups from an attraction in Walt Disney World based in Alice in Wonderland. Conclusion: those are the mad hatter teacups.
    5. Soon we can understand one thing. Blob is the villain and he wants to destroy all color cartoons. But Mickey is the main leader of those. So Blob captures color cartoons, transforms them and captures black and white cartoons that are trying to escape on the sea to work on his Paint Thinner in order to destroy Mickey Mouse who is in the castle.
    But why are they escaping through the sea? The answer is in this picture. Lets analyze it too:

    1. It's Monstro, the whale that attacks Pinocchio in his movie. He is a color cartoon. He got zombified and been modified.
    2. He is holding famous Walt Disney World icons. Conclusion: Walt Disney World may be an safe place where refugees can go, or where the color cartoons are hiding.
    3. Spaceship Earth is destroyed, but the Earful Tower is not. Well, EPCOT has its own characters (Figment and Nemo), but Hollywood Studios doesn't have attractions with characters, except for Toy Story Mania, which has been excluded since its a Pixar movie and has CGI characters.
    4. You can see Splash Mountain in the background.
    Black and white cartoons are trying to escape to that place, but there is a Monstro zombified, and as we saw, Blob zombified all color cartoons. Well, the color cartoons may have zombified Monstro, because he is a VILLAIN. Remember, he tries to eat Pinocchio.
    So we can conclude some things:
    - The scenery for the game will be Walt Disney World and its theme parks.
    - The enemy is Inkpaint Blob.
    - The story may be like this: Blob wants to destroy Mickey and all color cartoons, and make everything black and white. So he tries to destroy Walt Disney World. He destroys some of it (hence the teacups from Alice in Wonderland ride and Henry the Bear), but Mickey makes the Cinderella Castle go above the ground in order to save himself, while the other cartoons get the rest of WDW, put it on Monstro and run away to the ocean. Blob then gets black and white characters to do the work for him, and he believes that by destroying Mickey, he will be able to destroy all color cartoons. That is why there is a Paint Thinner.
    - The color cartoons - they have been zombified or destroyed. Example: The monster that is a mashup of Jafar, Goofy, Crocodile from Peter Pan, Sam the Eagle (from Disneyland's America Sings ride) and more.
    - Why the black and white cartoons want to run away? Because Blob makes them live in a horrible city made of paperboard boxes and other stuff. But they try to rebel, hence the grafitti saying BLOB SUX and a Mickey head near it.
    But after more details, it was confirmed that in fact early Disney characters want to get revenge against Mickey, because he gets all the glory and fame. So says News: Epic Mickey details arise -

    Following a batch of concept art said to be from an unannounced Disney game dubbed 'Epic Mickey' comes a few details from a source who wishes to remain anonymous. When don't they?

    Details were originally spotted by Superannuation who found out that a development and concept artist listed the project - "Epic Mickey" (Wii Video Game) - on his online CV and pointed to some concept art (which you can find on this page) said to be from the game.
    Didn't know in which section to put this, so here it goes. It was theme-park related.
    Last edited by penguinsoda; 08-29-2009, 08:03 PM. Reason: Edited articles to excerpts for copyright issues

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