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Highball's Disneyland Resort

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  • Highball's Disneyland Resort

    You may have seen this on a few other sites, but if not, here's the lowdown: I started this park back in 2004 and finished the first version in 2005. The second version was completed in late 2005 to celebrate Disneyland's 50th anniversary and now I'm on this, the third version. The basic premise of my Disneyland Resort is that it's a "greatest hits" of the Magic Kingdoms along with a few new ideas here and there. I had an old topic on here but opted to create a new one that's focused solely on this park. I'll try to update this as often as possible but I'm a pretty slow builder. Below is the land-by-land breakdown of the park's progress. The stuff listed under each land is what's left to do in that section.

    Disneyland Hotel & Fantasia Gardens- 90%
    Relocation of monorail station and hotel entrance.
    Main Street, U.S.A.- 90%
    New City Hall/Fire Station and Hub/Town Square improvements.
    Adventureland- 15%
    Pretty much everything.
    New Orleans Square- 75%
    Completion of move, new Haunted Mansion, and Fantasmic! viewing area.
    Frontierland- 90%
    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad move/redesign and Tom Sawyer Island.
    Fantasyland- 60%
    New Peter Pan's Flight, Mad Tea Party, new Dumbo area, redesigned Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall.
    Liberty Square- 50%
    Hall of Presidents, Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and Columbia Harbour House.
    Tomorrowland- 90%
    Land relocation, new Space Mountain exterior, and possible new Rocket Rods/TTA layout.

    The Disneyland Hotel at the park's entrance.

    More of the hotel.

    The soon-to-be moved and expanded Disneyland Resort Monorail station.

    Park entrance and The Disneyland Railroad.

    An example of improvements in the hub.

    The Adventureland entrance of The River Belle Terrace.

    Pirates of the Caribbean entrance in New Orleans Square.

    Cafe Orleans in New Orleans Square.

    Slue Foot Sue's and The River Belle Terrace on the Frontierland/New Orleans Square border.

    The Village Haus, a Pinocchio-themed counter service restaurant in Fantasyland.

    The new Pinocchio's Daring Journey facade in Fantasyland.

    Toad Hall, home of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

    New facade for Snow White's Scary Adventure.

    King Stefan's Carousel.

    Sleeping Beauty Castle

    Johnny Tremain's, a quick service restaurant in Liberty Square.

    S.S. Columbia landing in Liberty Square.

    Looking down the Avenue of Planets in Tomorrowland.

    Rocket Rods entrance. I may change this to the Tomorrowland Transit Authority...

    And a little bonus. When I was redesigning Main Street Station, I got frustrated and gave Disneyland's at a try. I liked the result but didn't end up using it. Here's a screenshot of it nonetheless.
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    Re: Highball's Disneyland Resort

    WOW great job! I am really impressed! A lot of the buildings look almost identical to the real ones! GREAT JOB!!!


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      Re: Highball's Disneyland Resort

      Originally posted by FutureImagineer183 View Post
      WOW great job! I am really impressed! A lot of the buildings look almost identical to the real ones! GREAT JOB!!!
      Thanks for the kind words. Identical is what I'm going for.

      Here's a few new screenshots. I haven't made much progress lately but it's still coming along.


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        Re: Highball's Disneyland Resort

        If anyone cares, here's the most recent update. I've finally managed to get the ball rolling on Adventureland now that I've figured out which style of entrance I want to do. Since I have an Arabian area in DisneySea already, I opted to go for Walt Disney World's entrance. It's definitely not an exact copy since the Swiss Treehouse won't be across from the Veranda and New Orleans Square lies dead ahead. I went for this theme since doing a Caribbean island theme would be easier to transition into New Orleans Square than some of my other options.


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          Re: Highball's Disneyland Resort

          Very nice job!

          ^Art by me!
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