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VMK Shopping


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  • VMK Shopping

    Does anyone have a list of the things that you can buy in VMK that are interactive?

    I know the campfire lights, and the new Mickey Ears Jack O'Lantern does too. The PennyPress gives you candy and you can get water from the water coolers.

    Are there any others? I was disappointed when I spent the credits for a Haunted Mansion Organ. I thought it would play music or something.....

    When I was little I couldn't decide if I wanted to be Snow White or Wonder Woman when I grew up. You can call me "Wonder White"....or maybe "Snow Woman"?

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    Re: VMK Shopping

    the big thunder showers work....


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      Re: VMK Shopping

      Okay, this won't be all-inclusive, but I'll tell you what I know...

      Madame Leota's Crystal Ball
      Explorer's Lantern
      Candleabra (there are brown, red, green and purple)
      Skull, Book & Candle Thingy
      Flaming Window
      Hong Kong Mickey Lanterns
      Bubbling Cauldron (I don't know about the new candy cauldron that was given away over the past weekend)
      Water Trough (I think)
      Mickey Pumpkin
      Water Cooler (I have two and I didn't know you could get water from them!)
      Penny Press
      Tiki Tiki Fountain

      There must be more, but I can't think of them right now!
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      If Jimmy cracked corn and no one cared, why did they write a song about it?


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