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Frustrating VMK Halloween event

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  • Frustrating VMK Halloween event

    Ok, guys, I was really looking forward to this event. It was a gimmie, halloween and mazes, two great tastes that go great together. Why, oh why, didn't some one warn me what a cluster :!$#%: it could be! There was no hint of it in the pages of Miceage or Micechat, not even a lone whisper of the frustation, the pain and the anger to come. :bang: FUBAR does not even cover it. The waiting, the disconnects, reaching the start of my objective just to be ripped away before a step could be taken. OH, the inhumanity of it all!

    Seriously guys, what was up? Is it always that bad? I would wait for over an hour just to get to an entry room just to be disconnected (I did make it out of the transporter in the easy maze but no further before my connection was lost). That was after the ENTIRE system was down most of Saturday afternoon. I know I wasn't the only one, Bear tried from work and it did the same to him. When I did make it as far as an entry room, others were griping about the same things. Obviously some made it thru because I saw people talking about the prizes they won. The only reason I kept trying is because I was stuck at home cleaning.

    Overall enjoyment level: :bang: Even :bash: would have been more pleasant!
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    Re: Frustrating VMK Halloween event

    I tried to get in, off and on, all day Saturday. I have never witnessed something this unorganized since the fake parade fiasco! I finally gave up. I hope they are still letting people get the helmet that goes with the new diving suit(my son wants it). They definetly need more people running these so called events.


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      Re: Frustrating VMK Halloween event

      Just like we were, there too busy for their own good.
      -Monorail Man