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PSN getting premium pay level 2010


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  • PSN getting premium pay level 2010

    No price or details were mentioned, but PlayStation's Kaz Hirai says that a "premium level" subscription will come to the now free PlayStation Network some time in 2010. And by subscription, he means NOT free. What you will get is a kind of "service offering with premium content and services" that you can't get in the free edition, but what that is is unclear. But it's unlikely that Sony will charge for the services they give away now, such as the ability to play for free online.
    PlayStation 3's PSN Will Get Premium Level Pay Subscription in 2010 - Psn subscription - Gizmodo

    What do you think they're going to add for the premium pay level?
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    Re: PSN getting premium pay level 2010

    Unless they've cut some deals with game developers for expansion packs (like xbox live having exclusivity for several expansion packs for games on all the consoles), I don't know what they could offer to make me pay for it.
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      Re: PSN getting premium pay level 2010


      the only thing we use our PS3 for really is blu ray movies...i won't bother
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