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Sony intoduces it's own version of the WII


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  • Sony intoduces it's own version of the WII

    The Japanese maker of the PlayStation 3 unveiled Wednesday night its highly anticipated motion controlling system, as it takes aim at Nintendo's dominance in the gaming sector. With the "PlayStation Move," Sony hopes to lure gamers who have outgrown Nintendo, which launched the Wii in 2006 and became the first to introduce motion-detecting controllers.

    Peter Dille, senior vice president of marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment, credited Nintendo Co. for "introducing motion gaming to the masses."

    Now it's time for them to graduate to the PlayStation, which offers a new experience for both casual and hard-core gamers, he said at a press conference in San Francisco.

    "The migration path from the Wii household to the PlayStation 3 household is a pretty natural path, partly because of the experience that you can get on the PlayStation Move but also because of the content that we find on PlayStation 3," Dille said.

    Used with the existing PlayStation Eye camera, Sony's new wireless motion controller can track players' body movements. The controller, in turn, has on its end a light-emitting orb that is recognized by the camera.

    "Nothing has ever been this precise," said Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Computer Electronics Worldwide Studios.

    The PlayStation Move will go on sale this fall. Complete details of prices have not been released, but a starter bundle including the PlayStation Eye, motion controller and one game will retail for under $100, Dille said.

    Major game publishers such as Activision Blizzard Inc., Electronic Arts Inc. and Square Enix are developing Move-compatible games.

    The latest announcement comes as both Sony and Microsoft Corp., maker of the Xbox 360, attempt to gain ground on Nintendo. Since the Wii first hit stores, it has consistently outsold rivals by attracting casual and nontraditional gamers like women and seniors.

    Microsoft is planning its own offensive this year as well with its "Project Natal."

    Natal, which combines a camera, depth sensor, microphone and processor, eliminates the need for any button-mashing device. Microsoft is expected to release Natal in time for the Christmas shopping season but has not set a specific date.

    Although demand for the Wii has slowed in recent months, it remained the most popular console among Americans in January with 465,000 units sold, according to market researcher NPD Group. Microsoft sold 332,800 units of the Xbox 360, trailed by 276,900 PlayStation 3 units.
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    Re: Sony intoduces it's own version of the WII


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      Re: Sony intoduces it's own version of the WII

      I've been reading that the console will only support 4 items at a time. So if you have a game that requires both of wiimote/nunchuk (or whatever they're calling it), you can only have two players at one time. So those that are looking for 4 player, only buy 4 of the ball thingies and two of the left hand jobbies.
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        Re: Sony intoduces it's own version of the WII

        So can we start calling it the Pii now?
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          Re: Sony intoduces it's own version of the WII

          Originally posted by DarthDucky View Post

          Not true.


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            Re: Sony intoduces it's own version of the WII

            ^How's that?

            Nintendo announces the Wii with motion controls. Sony follows with the sixaxis. Wii is wildly popular, and adds MotionPlus for 1:1 control, so Sony follows with this controller that looks like a ripoff of the Wiimote (albeit in reverse). Where exactly is Sony innovating?

            To be fair, Microsoft is doing the same thing. But at least they're trying a different control scheme.

            What Sony (and Microsoft) are doing right is actually having games worth playing on their respective systems. My Wii hadn't been turned on in months until I loaned it to a friend.


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              Re: Sony intoduces it's own version of the WII

              my mother in law is in love with the wii and plays animal crossing all the time.

              we will see how it works though. the wii can be annoying but they dont have games like ps3.
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                Re: Sony intoduces it's own version of the WII

                So basically, Sony thinks they are the top dog in gaming. "It's time to graduate from your Wii to Sony". Is this their marketing strategy? I know literally dozens of people who owned a Playstation 3, who upgraded to a Wii. What a bunch of ego-maniacs. First they expect to sell the PS3 for 600 dollars, that fails, now making remarks like this? Sorry Sony, not impressed. I will actually never buy a Sony Console ever again.

                Lets just wait until the Wii2 comes out this year, and see Sony's response.


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                  Re: Sony intoduces it's own version of the WII

                  I am never buying a Sony product, Sony marketing this by saying that people only brought the wii for the motion controls and will upgrade to Playstation 3 because it will have motion controls too now is wrong, dead wrong. When I brought my wii I got it for the games that were being made for it and not the nuts and bolts that made it run. Sony made the Playstation 3 thinking that Graphics was all that matted and charged a fortune for it and that why it failing. Nintendo made a new type of game play that had never been done before and mastered it, Before the wii came you had to spend quite a bit of money to get add on’s like wheels and etc but the wii remote can change into these things without having to make new tech without having to pay much for example the wii wheel, that is simply genius, Microsoft and Sony have to make new tech for add on wheels and more hurting them in the long run. The reason Wii didn’t have HD graphics was because it would have delayed the release and would end up costing more to buy and make. Sony has been stealing from Nintendo for years, they even stole the name PlayStation from Nintendo and then they have the nerve call themselves innovators, at least Microsoft is trying to be different. Playstation also feels soulless to me, because there is no Mascot (or unless I missed something and Sony has just made Sario) nothing unique, it seems like all that Sony think that Games full of violence are the only true games. It is also sicking that Sony is saying that the wii is for beginners and seniors and that it is time to grow and get a Playstation, this is dead wrong, Look at all the games Nintendo has made for wii, Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, Metroid Prime 1 and 2 remastered with new controls, Wario Land Shake it, The legend of Zelda Twilight Princess and are here and more are coming, they have also rereleased a lot of their old games for cheap prices on the Virtual Console. So if Sony thinks they can make everyone forget about all I have mentioned then they are dead wrong. I hope that the move or whatever they are calling it fails.
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