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VMK Special Event Anything But


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  • VMK Special Event Anything But

    This Sunday was to be the VMK Trick or Treat event. The main page of the VMK site said "When: Sunday October 30, noon and 10:00pm (Eastern)" . No problem. I went and got in line - I was #654 in the queue. It was just after 6 pm - I figured they had opened early. After over an hour waiting I finally got into the prize room and BOOM, "Room closed, you have been booted". Apparently what they meant to say was Noon THROUGH 10 pm.:bang:
    Nobody answered any calls for help. I wrote the "contact us" form, although I have been contacting these people since the first week and have Never gotten a reply from them.
    I am not the only person who was not happy with this event. Many people I spoke to said they had lost connections and had to get back into line - usually with 600 or more people in front of you, no matter if you had been #28 when you lost the connection.
    Now I know people are going to say "it's a free game, why be upset?" I am upset because of the mis-representation of the rules. I acted according to what was posted and got nothing but the shaft. This is most Un-Disney like!
    To anybody who was lucky enough to get into the prize room, congratulations. To anybody who was left out in the cold like me, commiserations.

    War is over if you want it...

    Peace - Love - Mickey Mouse

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    Re: VMK Special Event Anything But

    I have heard nothing but bad things about the VMK special events. I'm a little surprised that they still do not have their act together.
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      Re: VMK Special Event Anything But

      I feel your pain, I've given up on VMK events. I've tried to contact them several times but no one ever contacts me back either.

      A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well.
      In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil. :evil:


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        Re: VMK Special Event Anything But

        I am really disappointed with the special events too. I always loose connection. You wait an hour or more and then when it's your turn, you get disconnected. I contacted VMK about the maze event. They gave me the prizes I should have won. It took them a week to get back to me but at least they did. I thought I could win the costume contest this past weekend. They gave a prize to a girl that had the same costume as me. I was so mad. My husband says I should just give up on the special events.



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          Re: VMK Special Event Anything But

          They don't answer my e-mails either. When I try to contact them in the game, they tell me to e-mail them instead. You just can't win...

          What really peeves me is that I have a Herbie code set, and it's not working in the system...I sent a message and of course they haven't replied. This was about a month ago.

          I came in for that costume contest, and apparently the person judging was supposed to come back...and they never did. Gr.


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            Re: VMK Special Event Anything But

            Oh boy yeah I am have issues with my Deep Sea dive suit I cant get my helmet to show! I wrote them as well havent heard anything. Hmmm wonder whats up?

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              Re: VMK Special Event Anything But

              I just completely gave up even trying to enter the special events anymore. It's just not worth the time.


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