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  • Echenima Resort

    This was something I did on one of the RCT forums elsewhere, figured it'd be appropriate here. Let's just say that I'm very inspired by Disney.

    Here we have Echenima Resort, a mass of land several miles west of Sacramento owned by MARF, LTD - a development and entertainment company. I, Micheal Adinso Rebrekal Folf, am the president of MARF and your guide to this vast resort. Let me give you a brief rundown:
    Two parks - Echenima Park and the K9-Falliday Studios
    Hotels - Six
    Transit - Monorail. One that actually covers the resort.
    Entertainment Districts - One. The Core

    Now, we're all waiting on the pics are we? So off we go!

    Let's start with Echenima Park. The main focus of the park is like a journey, or a trip. A road traverses through every land, signifying 'travel' between said lands.


    The first thing guests enter after walking through an underpass is Davisville, the "Main Street" of this park. As the name suggests, Davisville is themed after the small college town of Davis, CA minus all the rowdy students :P.

    In fact, parts of the town were recreated in this land, like E street plaza:

    And Central Park:

    Shops and restaurants aside, this land has two attractions (both of which are also recreations of actual structures):

    * Davisville Cinema - This attraction is inspired by the Varsity theater. However, as resort management could never really figure out what to actually show in there, it has since become a preview center.

    * Central park Carousel - A much larger representation of the Carousel found in the Davis' Central Park.

    The next land we see is the Pacific Northwest. Inspired the Coastal region between Northern California and Washington.

    Within this land you have three attractions:

    * Pacific Northwest Railroad - a 'tour' of the forest, similar to Roaring Camp in Santa Cruz. Rides on authentic steam.

    * Kayaking the Pacific - Kayakers kayaking kayaks on a bay. Complete with freezing water. Don't worry, we have warnings in multiple languages (including braille and audio) so guests can't sue us for hypothermia. ;-) And yes, it is quite expensive to keep the water cool, but I think it's worth it.

    * Legend of Eureka - The highlight of the land. A water coaster with extensive show scenes and a splashdown finale.

    Welcome to Harbor Cove! This land is (loosely) inspired by Monterey, CA.


    * Storm Chaser - An EMV with water effects (I seem to like water here). Basic storyline: You board an amphibiant vehicle to gather data for the weather center when a surge causes the road to collapse, sending you into the ocean. You are now face-to-face with this treacherous storm, and have to get back to the center in one piece. Despite the emphasis on water, you don't actually get wet.

    * The Cannery - Essentially a walking tour of a fish cannery, essentially a filler attraction. Exits into a Seafood restaurant.

    * Harbor Cove Theatre - A live performance theater, a la Broadway.

    * Adventure of Harbor Cove (Redundancy check!) - A Multi-level boat ride. Takes advantage of a compact show building. Filled with Dioramas and special effects. Like a cross between Pirates and Small World. This is apparently the guests' top favorite ride.

    Corte Lupi'. This new Mediterranean land blends together an Italian look and feel with ancient Greco-Roman myths and legends.

    Aside from the various themed shops and restaurants, there is, of course, an attraction. By the grand waterfall lies the entrance to Mythus Apollo - a 'light' dark ride that takes inspiration and elements from ancient mythical tales and forms it into a fun-filled story. (wow, I sound like a PR representative now....I should stop...)

    * Trams to Britannia - Form of transport between lands.

    Britannia! The little slice of Anglo right here in California.

    The entrance is marked with a Scale-recreation of Parliament and the Big Ben. However the now-removed Shuttle throws off the scale.

    Britannia holds four attractions:

    * The Eye - A take on the London Eye.
    * Ride of Art - A dark ride through a UK art museum.

    * Britain! - A SurroundSight (As CircleVision is, apparently, trademarked) film about the British Isles.

    * Tram to Harbor Cove - Transport.

    * Steeplechase - A small coaster filled with slight turns and sudden drops.

    * Adric Hall - A high-capacity (1000-seat) stage performance theater. Unlike the one in Harbor Cove, this one is designed so that shows can be changed every other year or so (as well as being larger than Harbor Cove's 200-seat theater).

    Currently, it is under refurbishment awaiting a new show.

    Also, we have a new attraction being built in this land, based on James Bond:

    Our next land is quite a small one, and is more of a 'stub'. It is The Echo Skyport.

    Echenima ->Echima -> Echa -> Echo + (Sky Harbor -Harbor)+ Airport -air = Echo Skyport.


    Modeled after the look of a Modern Air Terminal, this small Aviation-themed land holds two attractions:

    * Go Fly - Guests board a 'flyer' (Three 4 passenger 3-car generic suspended coaster trains) as they fly over various places around the world. Forced perspective is used heavily with miniaturized sets.

    This attraction was an instant hit, such so that I had to extend the queue beyond the building itself when the park initially opened:

    However crowds have since died down to the point where there is at most a 30-minute wait.

    The tracks are powered allowing the ride vehicles to maintain a speed of 16 mph.

    Scenes are:

    - Taking off from an airport
    - English Countryside
    - Going above a river near a waterfall, descending shortly past the crest
    - Paris, New York, and Seattle at night
    - Antarctica
    - San Francisco Bay in a summer afternoon(eventually, you'll get the joke here)
    - Return to Airport


    * Aviation: Past, Present, and Future (presented by Airbus).

    This walk-through museum explores the History of Flight, and it's possible future. Contains dioramas, replica of aircraft, a short film and various other exhibits.

    Echo Skyport also contains a shop and one dining location:

    * Avionics - Gift shop selling flight memorabilia.

    * Jet Cafe - Food court-style counter service.

    Our final land in this park, arguably the most unoriginal, is Futura.

    It is, essentially, heavily based on the Tomorrowlands.


    Futura contains five attractions:

    * Nova Voyager - Roller coaster similar to Space Mountain. Has a 50 mph launch with inversions.

    * Futura Center - Collection of sponsored attractions, all indoors. Changes frequently to reflect current events.

    * Futura Dome - 4D Theatre with a Mondavi-inspired exterior.

    * Aerobus - Motion simulator attraction. It is a 'gray-line' tour of a futuristic city. Each tour is randomly picked by the simulator from 30 different 'tours' and can vary from normal to completely wild.

    * PeRT - short for Personal Rapid Transit. High speed ride that maneuvers through Futura. Kinda like Rocket Rods, only this one actually works and doesn't break down every 10 seconds.

    and the park's nighttime show:

    Moving on, we have The Core! Echenima Resort's shopping plaza located in the dead center of the Resort!

    The Core opened with Echenima Park as a simple row of shops and a theater, but we have plans on expanding into a Downtown Disney/Citywalk-esque center

    Not only is The Core a place to shop but it serves as the Resort's 'Transportation Hub', allowing public transportation access to anywhere within the Yolo County (and Sacramento County) Via Yolobus. Access to the Monorail is also available here; both Resort (free) and the co-funded Intercity ($1.50 one-way)

    Here we have one of our Resort hotels - Echenima's Vulpes Resort, Spa, and Winery. This 189-room hotel complex, puts you right in the middle of the Napa Valley with the surrounding vineyard.

    Echenima's Vulpes Resort, Spa, and Winery includes a high-class restaurant 'Bay', situated adjacent to the Lobby building. Speaking of which, the Lobby building uses bits of 'green' architecture (a skylight, for example), and has the Resort Monorail go through the building.

    There is also a pool, with a nicely themed waterslide. The Spa is in that bricked building.

    Amenities include:
    Free secure wireless high-speed internet in every room
    Cable Television with on demand options, all free
    Bed range from two doubles to a king
    Excellent staff and customer service
    Free hot breakfast delivered to the room fresh
    Complimentary wine tours with tasting available upon request during daylight hours
    Early entry to either park
    Complimentary Monorail service to either park
    Direct Shuttle to/from either SMF or SFO
    Rates: $365/night

    Below is 'Bay':

    Finally, we have the K9-Falliday Studios. In this case, both are MARF divisions - K9 for animation and Falliday for live action.

    So, the general layout of the Park is Hub-and-spoke, a la Disneyland.

    Guests enter the park by going through a scale recreation of the LA Union Station, in turn entering the 'Main Street' of this park - Camino Boulevard. Representing a 'contemporary meets the past' look. At the end of the boulevard sits Hollywood Hill. Guests then see two arches: one to the left that leads to K9 Animation Village, and one to the right that leads to the Falliday lot. They also see a tunnel in front of them that leads to Tinseltown, a romanticized view of Hollywood. Both production lands (K9 and Falliday) will offer tours of their respective facilities.

    Likewise, since production facilities and MARF's operations are located here, we can't shut them down unless the company goes belly-up.

    Snippet of Camino Blvd:

    Looks like most folks are heading to the Visitors' Bureau (Guest Relations)... hopefully it's just for services and not for complaints.

    Now would be the best time to say that while we do give lend motorized scooters, they are only available to the elderly and those who have injuries that inhibit their ability to walk. Obesity is not an injury. If you're fat, walk. It's good for you.

    Early construction shot:

    Wonderful K9 animation village:

    Experience 5 attractions based on classic MARF K9 Animation films, and then enjoy a nice stage show starring the MARFle group.
    The attractions are, starting from the left, counter-clockwise:
    Twist in a Taile - Probably the most themed scrambler you'll see in your life.
    Wonders of the Season - two-story 'traditional' dark ride.
    John's Roaring Adventure - traditional dark ride. It has a lion, 'nuff said.
    Theatre in the Wild - Slightly 'open air' stage theater, with a rotational stage show. See program guide for further details.
    Ziggy's Day - Random ride traditional dark ride about a squirrel. Probably the only attraction that's based on a story that actually exists - one that I helped write for a Spanish project.
    Massle's Trek - By far the most innovative attraction in the park, or should I say region? The entire attraction is floo- sorry, trackless. Each individual ride vehicle is set on a randomly-selected path and guided via wireless network, randomly stopping or spinning along the way. This creates a unique experience - no two 'ride-throughs' are exactly the same.

    You're probably hungry (this is, assuming, you skipped breakfast to get here as soon as possible). Perhaps you would like to grab a bite at the Bendigo Grill - an Aussie-themed sit-down restaurant (no generic burgers and fries here, what you have is authentic Australian BBQ/'Barbie' cuisine, though no 'Roos - that's just plain gross to most Americans to generate a good profit) based on a K9 animation film based on one of two comics as part of a deal (as for the other one, we have bigger plans).

    If you don't have time (or if you don't care for Aussie food) go across the way to the counter service Yapper Cafe next to Twist in a Taile

    In Tinseltown, we have 3 attractions (and an assortment of shops and restaurants):

    CineVenture! - an omnimover ride that's a musical history of the movies from past to present.

    Movie Magic - Theater. Involves plenty of wall breaking, mainly walls of four.

    Hollywood Taxi - Short, indoor slightly themed stock coaster, think Superstar Limo with bunny hills and helixes.

    ^Little bit of cleverness here, guests walk above one of the access road without ever noticing.

    In Falliday lot (yes, we drew straws on the name and this is what came out ), we have the following attractions:

    A Motion Simulator ride based on one of the Falliday films (go ask them, I'm completely absent on the live-action division )

    * Castingo! - Star in your own show! Randomly selected guests are brought up on stage to perform a random sketch or scene for a Television show or a film. Shows the process of casting.

    * The (Insert movie name here) experience - A walk-thru through the scenes of the latest Falliday film. Created because of the fact (at least, according to MARF) that live action just doesn't have the same longevity as animation, and is designed for easy remodeling.

    Castingo! to the left, Movie experience to the top-right.

    There is also a Studio Tour.

    A view of Falliday's unique 'live' electronic filming board - a sign board above a gift shop and cafe updates every 5 minutes listing what's being filmed that day.

    Meanwhile, let's view a few of the park's (photoshopped) programs:

    Guests wait for the daily hub show (on an innovative hydraulic stage) to start.

    The K9-Falliday Studios parade - That's Entertainment!

    And a snippet of the finale of the parks nighttime 'spectacular' - Hooray for Hollywood

    All filming in Falliday's production facilities is suspended between the hours of 9 pm and 10 pm because of this (so as to prevent unnecessary lighting and sound from being recorded), and a 'light, pleasant tone' can be heard throughout the facilities half and hour beforehand.

    --==Admission Prices==--

    1-day 1-park: $55 adults 16+/$45 kids -16
    1-day Park Hopper: $75 adults 16+/$65 kids -16
    2-day Park Hopper: $96 adults 16+/$86 kids -16
    Add an additional $10 for every subsequent day, 5 days max.
    2-parks 2-days (explore one park for one day, and the other the next for the price of one, no hopping between either on the same day): $83/$73
    Moonlight venture (Access to either park after 5:30 pm) $42/$33
    NorCal Access (93900-96100 - proof of residence required): $20 discount of any price on select weeks.
    NorCal Exploration Pass (A tourist package that includes lodging in a MARF property (or partner) hotel, a day at either Echenima or Studios, a day in Sacramento, a day in San Francisco, and a day in San Jose. Transportation provided by Coach): $130/person, cost of lodging not included.
    Echenima MARFlepass -annual pass of the resort -
    Alpha (Free Parking, free admission, discounts in shop and restaurants, priority seating for shows and parades, complimentary access to special events, early entry, no blackouts, free print or electronic newsletter): $995/year or $55/month
    Beta (Free Parking, free admission, discounts in shop and restaurants, priority seating for shows and parades based on availability, discounted access to special events, blocked half the year, free e-newsletter): $444/year or $15/month
    Omega (Free admission, discounts in merchandise, 250 blackout dates, free e-newsletter): $235/year or $8/month

    And that should do it (yay for cut-and-paste). So, seeing as MiceChat has a whole different viewpoint on parks than the other boards, what do you think?
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