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I got an Idea for a Nightmare Before Christmas Game


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  • I got an Idea for a Nightmare Before Christmas Game

    So, earlier today I watched Nightmare before Christmas and played some of its Video Game Sequal I came up with this:

    In my head its a WiiWare series Title (like the Tales of Monkey Island and SBCGFAP) called 'The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Towns of Adventure'
    The Basic plot is 3 years after the end of Oogies Revenge (The Movies Video Game Sequal) a bug revives Oogie Boogie and bent on revenge once again, Oogie sets out to the other towns through the Hinterlands (the other Holiday Doors) to take control of the other towns before destroying Jack. After finding out what happened Jack sets to the other towns to help set them straight, at then end of each Town you will fight the boss, who is also the leaders of the towns (EX Cupid is the leader of Valentine Town, Uncle Sam- Independence Town) who are possesed by a 'Evil Bug' controlled by Oogie
    The Final Town will be Christmas Town, with the Boss being, obviously, Santa
    after beating Santa Jack will go back to Halloween Town to battle Oogie, and when you do that you will beat the game

    The game will be an Episodic series with each episode centured around a specific Holiday town, except the final episode which will have Christmas town and Oogie's lair, which is in Halloween Town.

    The controls will be using the Wii Remote and Nunchuck and will be similar to Oogies Revenge, Jacks Weapon will be the Soul Robber and with a shake of the Wii Remote Jack will fling the Soul Robber at his enemy

    any thoughts?
    Hello? I seem to be in some sort of inter dimensional dimension with no way in or out....Send Help! and Pie! pumpkin peferably

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