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New Park - Ultimate Disneyland


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  • New Park - Ultimate Disneyland

    This is my idea using different Disney parks to create one huge Ultimate Disneyland. Main Street USA and the Main Street Train Station were made using Shy Guys Main Street set. The Discoveryland Mountain was made using Shy Guys Paris Disneyland Space Mountain and then I added an operating coaster to the ride. Nemo's Submarine Ride was built from scratch using some Finding Nemo Custom Scenery. I used a Custom Jungle Cruise Boat set up with invisible tracks and there is scenery when your down to ground level but this is a fly around and the poly count on the animals is too low to be seen.

    I used the Big Ferris Wheel that comes with RCT3 to make Mickey's Fun Wheel and the built in game ride and add Custom Scenery to make Maliboomer. The Golden Zypher is a Custom Ride. California Screaming was scratch built by me. The Peter Pan ride has a Custom Peter Pan ride system inside the building I made to house it. The Castle is Custom Scenery. Since there is no such thing as a horse drawn trolley either in the game or custom built (yet) I used an Elevated Electric Railroad for transportation to/from Town Square to The Hub for transportation.

    Inside the Emporium (not seen here) there is CS with shelving and packages for item like toys, posters, folded shirts and pants, suits on racks and other stuff. When I make the full video we will go inside. The soundtrack is all Jack Wagner Stuff just to make some sounds while watching this fly around.

    I will give full credit to those Custom Scenery People who's stuff I used but I can't remember half of there names right now. Also note the U.S. Flags flying around Town Square.

    Click on the image below to see the video and click on the full screen arrow in the lower right corner. Enjoy.

    Peter Pan Forever!!! I Will Never Grow Up.

    Thank You Poisonedapples

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