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Siwa Resort.

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  • Siwa Resort.

    I didn't notice that there was an RCT forum in here. Well I'd like to share a theme park that I've been working on so far. I've posted this at another RCT3 forum and would like to share it here.

    An Oasis exists in the scorching lands of Egypt. It is said that Alexander the great has reached this place and was considered a divine personage. Home to an oracle of Amun. This is the Siwa Oasis. A resort is being built paying homage to this lush stretch of land situated in the harsh deserts of Egypt.

    Welcome to the Siwa Hotel

    Drive up to the entrance and have one of our Valet drivers take your car into one of our garage parking structures.

    Book one of our many spacious rooms. Or enjoy our best suite located inside this Pyramid.

    take a dip in one of our luxurious pool complexes designed to make you feel like a pharaoh

    Relax and let the current take you away as you drift through the Siwa River.

    or take an exhilarating ride down one of our pool slides

    Take the bridge or the path into the monorail station or into the park itself.

    We will soon give you a tour of our Bazaar where you can have a unique shopping experience and later treat you to one of our many spine tingling rides and attractions. In the mean time, please enjoy our accommodations inside the hotel such as our 3D Cinema and Casino or enjoy our pool complexes and bask in the sun. Thank you and enjoy your stay here at Siwa Resort.
    "To all who come to this happy place, welcome."
    "Kay li-it lang nang mun-do"

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    Re: Siwa Resort.

    I like this. It looks very full and interesting. Looks to me like you spent a lot of time building it. How much Custom Scenery is here? And in the last pictures what kind of monorail cars are those lined up in back of the Sphinxes? I have never seen that look on the Atari CS Exchange site, or any other for that matter. They look very cool.
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