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Tron Garry's Mod Machinima Project (need story ideas!)


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  • Tron Garry's Mod Machinima Project (need story ideas!)

    Hey there guys! Recently, I've had the idea to do a machinima in Garry's Mod (if you don't know what Garry's Mod is, look here: Garry's Mod - Wikipedia) related to Tron: Legacy. It seems to me like a great idea, and it'd be great to have it become a reality. But, due to lack of creative storytelling involving Tron in my mind, I need some ideas on the story!

    Possible titles:
    • Derezzed
    • Rectified

    I would line the storyline to be:
    • Dark.
    • Simple.
    • The least bit of funny / not funny at all / serious.
    • Scary (maybe).
    • Exciting / energetic at times.
    • Between 10 and 20 minutes long.
    • Use your own characters - be creative!
    • Try not to create a kind of sequel to Tron: Legacy - leave that to the producers!

    Possible storyline ideas (my own):
    • A program's friend gets called out for the games, and gets derezzed in the lightcycle arena. So the main program wants to avenge his friend's death, but ends up getting derezzed himself in the same kind of arena match by the same guy.
    • An adventure that follows a program (maybe 2?) in the Outlands that is trying to find Kevin Flynn, but never does because he gets derezzed. (Inspired by the Outlands level in "Tron: Evolution")

    • No voice actors will be needed. (Unless you include a script with your storyline, and if it's good enough.)

    Possible ideas:
    • A miniseries of 5 shorts. (If there is more than one storyline that I like, I'll make multiple shorts.)

    Helpers will be credited.
    Also, if there are any modelers / texture creators out there who know how to work with Garry's Mod, please visit this site that I've created:
    If you're interested, please post your ideas here! I've also created a new YouTube account just for this project. You can see updates and test videos there.
    Thanks for reading, I hope you all have some great ideas!

    Andrew Goodman ~ gameplayer951

    Steam Development Group:
    Facepunch Thread:!
    Steam Communtiy Forum:
    Tron-Sector Forum:
    YouTube Channel:
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    Re: Tron Garry's Mod Machinima Project (need story ideas!)

    I've gotten a story idea from LWSrocks over at the Tron-Sector forum.

    Meet Alex Jefferson, average ENCOM employee. He was great at what he did, until ENCOM lost money on their latest venture- Verbisware 7.1, their new operating system. They had to save money by laying off employees, and sadly, Alex was one of them. He ended up jobless, in his mother's basement, playing World of Warcraft and hacking websites.

    One day, he decided he would get his revenge on ENCOM, who was developing a new operating system to make back their losses on Verbisware. About a year or so later, ENCOM OS-13 hits the shelves, and is the first operating system that has the internet completely built in- no routers or modems required. It's a massive hit, and pretty soon, ENCOM OS-13 eclipses all other operating systems.

    Alex Jefferson finds his target. He creates an elaborate program, called Anattrix, built to break through OS-13's defenses using codes and information he learned while he was at ENCOM.

    Now, the story continues in the Grid. Anattrix, in program form, begins a rebellion. He corrupts programs using a special weapon of his and causes them to become his loyal followers- who also get the tools used to corrupt other victims. Soon, the Anattrix Virus is spreading over many parts of the grid.

    Meet three programs, each with one thing in common- a desire for revenge. Each of them have had close friends who've fallen victim to the Anatrix Virus, and they've teamed up to stop Anatrix as they believe the key to lifting the virus off of the grid lies in Anatrix's identity disk. All they have to do is survive long enough to find it.
    So? What do you guys think? Personally, I think it’s a good enough story to be made into a mini-series, although I would really like a lightcycle or a disc battle.

    Remember, this won’t be the story for the machinima, but one of the first few submissions (I’ve gotten 4 so far, including this one). Leave your thoughts below (if anyone actually reads this...).
    Off to the Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2013!
    Met Demi Lovato at DCA on 9/24/2010! <3 :blush:


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      Re: Tron Garry's Mod Machinima Project (need story ideas!)

      Okay, so a few things went on from yesterday and today.
      • People over on the Steam forum are saying that the story that LWSrocks proposed is too much like the original Tron.
      LeftMoth: From what I remember, isn't that plot almost a replica of the original Tron?
      Zekiran: Yeah that's... Tron, in 5 paragraphs or less. I'd say </plagarism> to that.
      When I looked at the storyline again, I realized that they were kind of right. But I noticed a few differences. Here was my response:
      It sort of is, yeah... except Flynn isn't a bad guy like Alex is here. The revenge plot isn't necessarily the same, too. In the original Tron, Flynn just got fired, no real reason why, and so he wanted to get revenge from that.

      Also, Flynn didn't create a virus that would infect the entire system, he himself traveled into the world to shut down the MCP with Tron and Yori. The MCP was already there, and this virus was newly implanted. And may I remind you, the MCP wasn't a virus.

      So yeah. Not really a re-telling, but I guess you can consider it as a sort of tribute, with a different title, though.
      I fear that if we go fully through with LWSrocks's story, and get the finalized product done, then Disney will shut it down. Especially if its storyline is close to the original Tron. We'll just see what happens.
      • LeftMoth also posted something else to his comment:
      I'd be more than happy to give you textures. I managed to make it work a few times, so there shouldn't be a problem. A small problem is, when you say "general architecture" it's a little too vague. The night club could be much different from the arena.
      I get what he means. I probably confused people a little bit by saying "general architecture," so sorry if anyone got confused.
      But on the other hand, I've got someone to do some textures! Well, it depends on how good his first ones were. I'll post up pictures as soon as I get them!
      • LWSrocks has had good enough storylines (he's suggested a few) to now become the official scriptwriter! Congrats, LWSrocks!
      • LWS and I have been tossing around names here and there, and we've finally made the working title as "Tron: Corruption."
      • I've been thinking about making a "test" video (once everything's done) of one of my original ideas (the one about the 2 programs searching for Kevin Flynn). This would only be between 5 and 10 minutes long, no voice actors. Maybe as a sort of prequel to Corruption?
      Off to the Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2013!
      Met Demi Lovato at DCA on 9/24/2010! <3 :blush:


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        Re: Tron Garry's Mod Machinima Project (need story ideas!)
        • I posted a new forum over at the Facepunch forums (a suggestion by codebreaker2001 on YouTube), and it’s getting a lot of views. It’s more active than over at the official Steam Community Forums! Lots of people have tagged it as “Optimistic” and “Friendly,” too! I’ve gotten a lot of voice actor requests (I guess that’s what I should call them), some map creator suggestions (thank you, Mr.Radeon!), and of course the “this looks cool” remarks.
        • I’ve decided to make a test of my machinima-making skills and the camera with a try out of the intro that LWSrocks and I have made up. Look for that in the next few days.
        • Made it easier to read the information.
        • Added link to Facepunch thread.
        Off to the Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2013!
        Met Demi Lovato at DCA on 9/24/2010! <3 :blush:


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