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Diablo 3

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  • Diablo 3

    what can i say, its brilliant!

    after finally defeating the uber evil Error 37 boss, i was able to log in and played thru most of the night, getting to King Leoric this morning. the graphics are lovely, so much destrcutable environment!, and the gameplay is running smooth. if you've ever played any of the Diablo franchise in the past, then you def need to get on board!
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    Re: Diablo 3

    I'd love to play, but I'd have to upgrade my PC first. And since I don't really play too many PC games anymore (partly because I need to upgrade) not sure if it's worth it.

    Or ... I need to just buck up and upgrade my PC.


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      Re: Diablo 3

      just beat diablo 3 for the first time earlier working on nightmare mode
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        Re: Diablo 3

        I have bought this rpg game. It is really great. I love diablo and dialo 3 is best game.


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          Re: Diablo 3

          I beat Normal 17 hours after launch, it was way too easy. Nightmare is a bit too easy also--hopefully Hell really cranks the difficulty up.

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            Re: Diablo 3

            May I just say how happy I am to read about Diablo 3 on MiceChat? Combines my two fave things... Disney and Diablo!

            LOVE LOVE LOVE the game... wish I had more time to play. Sadly my laptop died and I'm still building my desktop comp. GRRR! Good thing for friends with extra gaming space.

            Wonder if we can start posting pics of toons in the world... hmmm

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            (A bit late but...) Upgrade the PC! It's well worth the cost... AND you get an update PC. Can't really be sad about that.
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