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Epic Mickey 2 Post-Release Thoughts and Reviews


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  • Epic Mickey 2 Post-Release Thoughts and Reviews

    Now that Epic Mickey 2: the Power of Two is out on the market, I thought I'd go ahead and make a thread for people to post their thoughts and feelings about the game, as well as longer reviews, if anyone is up for it.

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    Re: Epic Mickey 2 Post-Release Thoughts and Reviews

    I just finished the game about a week ago, after I bought it for my birthday. Overall, I liked it very much.
    They spread the odd, creepy but fascinating vibe of Mickeyjunk Mountain (made of abandoned Mickey memorabilia) out to several new levels.
    As a Disney nerd, it was fun to find the many references in the game to old shows, characters, rides, and parades.

    Lots of interesting level design. All of the levels are gorgeous and very detailed/themed.
    It's very easy to drop in and out of 2-player with Oswald played by a friend or the computer.
    I've seen some complaining about how smart the computer AI is for Oswald, but most of the time I didn't have a problem.
    Some times it is even easier to just let the computer run him, especially if you need to fly.
    They have added several new features like a camera for Oswald and Mickey to take pictures with, which I enjoyed.
    They also have tweaked with the gameplay mechanics a little, and I don't find camera control and jumping as frustrating as I did in the first game.

    This game is very, very short. Criminally short. They have a lead in for further plot development and then nothing.
    I have the nasty suspicion that the second half of the game was cut off to make a third one, because EM 2 feels like half a game.
    Even my main play through where I dawdled and tried to finish all the quests etc. is only sitting at about 30 hours of playtime.
    I can't figure out how to get out/finish the Epilogue, so I'm not sure if Mickey is just stuck in Wasteland forever or what.
    I really enjoyed the 2D, comic book style of the first game's cinema sequences. In EM 2, only about half of the cutscenes are in this
    style. The rest are just rendered like the playthrough graphics, which isn't nearly as stylish.

    I could go either way on the addition of voices to the characters. I didn't really miss them in the first game.
    Some of the voices are great, they did get the regular voice actors for the main characters (Bret Iwan, Jim Cummings, etc).
    The rest of the voice cast was mixed, Oswald and Ortensia were okay but some of the minor characters had obnoxious voices.
    Especially Gus, and he talks a LOT.
    Some of the songs were catchy, but most were awful. Only one character sang and he wasn't very good.
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