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Sim City 5?

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  • Sim City 5?

    So.. now that it has launched, anyone willing to share their experiences, good or bad? Help me decide whether I should buy it? Loved all the editions of Sim City, other than skipping Societies, if that helps.
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    Re: Sim City 5?

    I have not bought the game yet, personally still waiting for a patch to fix some of the issues I have read about it . However I am hooked to watching the Let's Play series with Greg Miller on IGN so I will buy the game sometime down the road for sure.


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      Re: Sim City 5?

      I was on the fence about it during the hype leading up to its release, the main reason being the online gameplay requirement. Then it got released and all the problems that followed has certainly put me off buying it.

      I'll stick to good ol' SC4.

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        Re: Sim City 5?

        I had to laugh when I saw the current advertisement for Sim City. The bold slogan was: "Play it your way!"

        I guess that means: "Except for playing without an internet connection."

        Considering all the problems, I'm going to pass on this version.
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          Re: Sim City 5?

          I have this game and have had nothing but major issues. For the first week, no one could connect to the servers to even start the game. They increased the number of servers to about 3x to 4x and for the most part, that problem went away.

          Then started the traffic problems. Traffic was going to the shortest route regardless of whether any of the other streets were open. So, massive traffic jams, but only on specific streets. When you have one freeway coming into your city, it would get backed up to another city. If I watch traffic now, I see tons of cars driving down the street, doing a U-turn, drive down the same street, do a U-turn, etc. What the heck is going on?

          Now, recycling centers don't work properly so you lose more money than you can possibly generate. However, the biggest issue now is massive corruption on many of the cloud-saved cities (which is all) is occurring (including my own). When the corruption occurs, it gives you two options (rollback or abandon). If you choose rollback, it never really rolls back to a working city. Instead, it completely freezes the application requiring a CTRL-ALT-DEL to get to the task manager to shut it down. Abandoning the city doesn't work either. So, now cities that take hours to put together are being trashed (can't be fixed) and the game is just completely unplayable. Yet, there is no word from Maxis or EA. Truly disappointing.


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            Re: Sim City 5?

            I have played it for about 20 hours. Honestly, it is a huge disappointment. It is a MMO in disguise. Cities are tiny. No subways. No highways. Fire choppers don't work. Trains are almost useless.

            Now, I said it was a disappointment, not that it stinks. I was expecting Sim City 4 but better. What we got was something entirely new.

            ...which was not what I wanted.

            But, it is still ok.



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              Re: Sim City 5?

              I buck the trend. I love the game. I've played SimCity since it was on SNES and welcome the change of pace. This is not your typical built a megapolis game! What it is though is a great evolution that brings in real world constraints (albeit maybe too real for some). I wish people would use this as an opportunity to realize just how hard the city planners who get nothing but flack for attempting an impossible job really have it. I am a bit biased though because SimCity is the reason I am foolishly in pursuit of a Transportation Engineering degree.

              Re the always online, it just doesn't bother me. That is how the game was built and it was no secret. I bought the game with that information in mind. I also don't feel that the day or two the game was in a basically unplayable state ruined my life as some would have you believe it did for them. They are working hard to fix it too so I struggle to condemn them. Meanwhile the same 100 people who never intended to buy the game with a strong dislike for DRM take to Facebook every day to mock them on their page while the thousands of people who own it just tinker away at their cities.

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                Re: Sim City 5?

                It's an awful buggy product. Don't buy it until they fix the glaring issues.

                The core gameplay is fun, building a city is still fun, but the cities are so ridiculously tiny that you're done before you know it.

                The idea is that instead of one giant city with all the necesscary resources, you build a series of small cities in a large region and they share those resources. In the old SimCity, you'd build your polluting power plant off in a corner and put your housing a good distance away.

                In this version, the idea seems to be to build a small residential city, and then build a small city with resources and industrial zones in a small neighbour city, and the citizens will utilize both cities.

                It doesn't work. Traffic is terrible. If all your citizens need to travel to jobs in another city, there is only one highway onramp. Transit doesn't help, because busses block traffic and a cities wort of busses all decide to drive around in clumps (as do other garbage trucks and other vehicles).

                Resource sharing between cities is buggy at best. Even with no water deficit I'm always getting complaints that some of my city is without water. A constant chore in this game is bulldozing buildings that citizens abandon.

                Terrible product as it stands right now, and they may have done irreversible damage to both the SimCity and EA brand.
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                  Re: Sim City 5?

                  I argue that the traffic is too realistic. Haha