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Theme park galaxy - Minecraft server: Halloween Horror night's Teaser.

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  • News Theme park galaxy - Minecraft server: Halloween Horror night's Teaser.

    Hey guy's it's me and long time no see.... I've been working on a server with some people called theme park galaxy a recreation server with a park recreation called alton towers which almost done and then we'll release the server but... me I've been working on a custom park called Universal Mc resort. And through 2 weeks I've been working on Halloween Horror nights and this is only a teaser so don't get excited yet on what the event will offer as i'll announce it this month but before I do I should give you a taste of the story of the event so enjoy.....
    23 year's, Horror untold possibilities in the world that we know to date, But so far on what the past 22 year's is only the prologue..... This year the 23 year brings a new face to horror.... And this figure is more disturbing and powerful than fear himself..... He is legend unfolding onto our eye's and as a new era will be ushered in. But for 22 year's you dealt with death, sacrifice, fate, vengeance and chaos.... in this year hell will take hold in a new piece but as the weeks go by horror will be ignited more with more danger then ever before.... can you handle the event's that will unfold by you. or will you be at death's doorstep....

    I'm working as i'm with my autobots.