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Need help with park guests


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  • Need help with park guests

    I do not know if these sre problems. I get around 5,100 to 5,600 guests. But as of late it has been hard to get the amount of 5,600 guests in my park again. I try to open my rides and replace less reliable ones with a brand new version of the smae ride it is replacing.....But the attendance ratings rarely go up. I have about 5,100 guests in the park now and slowly the number keeps going down. I have no clue why because I always do my best tofix whatever they are complaining about.

    Another problem I am having is that ever since I opened up Blue Hurrican and Nitro in my park, those areas of the park have become crowded and the other areas have become ghost towns. I have replaced Hurricane/Nitro several times due to their relaibility rate being low, always put them back in the same places where the old ride existed, and never had this problem before

    One thing I did was made a monorail that stops at one of the crowded areas and drops the guests off at some of the least crowded areas. Even then right after the guests get off the train they start heading back for Nitro or Blue Hurricane. Since these two rides have been replaced with newer versions, rides that were popular have lost their lines and they became empty. I have even frantically tried putting some newer coasters into the least populated areas of the park, but they do not seem to spark up attendance ratings.

    Heck i even opened up most of my rides, and still not attendance spike.
    Any suggestions I can use?

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    Re: Need help with park guests

    Should I just close Blue Thunder & Nitro for awhile?


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