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Yeti Vision help

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  • Yeti Vision help

    I have downloaded Yeti vision and finished the two quests but I thought I would earn something after finishing them. Does anyone know if you earn credits or something for VMK?
    Thanks, Laenie
    I love Dumbo!!

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    Re: Yeti Vision help

    for the first part you get a pin for the second part you getthe yeto everest room not sure on thinrd since it not out yet.
    It should pop up a window on line with a code on it. it says something to the affect of if you want it and the hit alt tab to come back to game. You can play as many time as you want and keep getting pin and room.

    If your not online when you played or have it blocked so it can't connect to internet with something such as a firewall that you have to appove it for it to get past may be the reason your not getting any thing. But having said that i have played where it "forgot" to do the window. But in playing it again it would do fine.

    hope that helps
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      Re: Yeti Vision help

      Thank you garosepink, I wasn't online so that's probably what happened. I will try again and see what happens.
      I love Dumbo!!