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Everst event winners announced...

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  • Everst event winners announced...

    Everest Ride Competition Results

    We are pleased to announce the following winners for the Everest Ride Competition:
    Best Use of Color:
    First Place: Base Camp Everest Mountain Ears (Expedition Leader: MacLite)
    RunnersUp: Base Camp Gallery Train Ride (Expedition Leader: jewelgrrl)
    Base Camp Scream!! (Expedition Leader: pinkgirlygirl)

    Best Use of a Theme:
    First Place: Base Camp Cheese It (Expedition Leader: wawaaka)
    RunnersUp: Base Camp Magical Yeti Path (Expedition Leader: CL_TigressJewel)
    Base Camp: Meltdown (Expedition Leader: CL_riccio)

    Most Creative Use of Yeti ride pieces:
    First Place: Base Camp Dino (Expedition Leader: MagicAce)
    RunnersUp: Base Camp: The Great Movie Ride (Expedition Leader: Smoop)
    Base Camp Yensid (Expedition Leader: mattyz)

    A Grand Prize goes to the team that, in our opinion, shined a little more brightly than all the others.
    Base Camp Yeti's Revenge (Expedition Leader: LadyScarlett)

    Prizes will be awarded shortly to all members of the winning teams.
    Runners-Up: Everest Chair, Top Ten Pin
    First Place: Safari Lodge Room, Top Ten Pin
    Grand Prize: Safari Lodge Room, Everest Chair, Top Ten Pin

    Judges had a wonderful time visiting the hundreds of rides and want to thank and congratulate all participants by giving each member of a judged Expedition Party the Everest #3 out of 5 Pin.

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    Re: Everst event winners announced...

    i know the member kingsfoil he is on the team yetis revenge his room is awesome!!