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Halo 3, March 2007?


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  • Halo 3, March 2007?

    I have to admit this recent news released the day before April 1st may not have any truth to it but it just very well be that Microsoft intends to hold back Halo 3 for reasons of making the maximum amount of money possible, Halo 3 is most likely finished and waiting to be released but MS knows very well that if it comes out everyone will buy it, play it and ignore other games thus keeping the 360 a single game platform.

    That makes reason to me as I am not impressed with anything yet for the 360 and I have not played mine in two months because I am waiting for Halo 3.

    In the meantime my 360 sits idle unless I play another Halo game on it.

    So is this fair marketing strategy on Microsofts part to hold back Halo 3 to either improve it, sell other games,in effect holding it hostage, have it available as a PS3 killer or just release prior to the Halo movie?

    Any way about it stinks and its mostly because now that Microsoft owns Bungie it owns Halo. This has me upset to the point that I avoid using any Microsoft products if posible. My browser is Firefox and I will not use any new MS Vista, Bill Gates will not rule my life, If and when PS3 comes out I may be a convert because everything MS has done with gaming has left a sour taste all in the goal of making big bucks.
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    Re: Halo 3, March 2007?

    It's the PS3 killer option. Bill Gates has said himself that Halo 3 is coming out the same day as the PS3, so I think it's just up to Sony now. I'd watch them instead of Microsoft if you're interested in knowing about Halo 3.
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