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Message to the Human Resources Director at Disney


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  • Message to the Human Resources Director at Disney

    Human Resources Director,

    Okay, I have no idea how to send an email to the real Disney HRD but I'm sure someone at Disney will someday read this and bring it to his attention because MC is such an awesome feedback site from all of us who love Disney.

    I'm not AlphaElf.

    AlphaElph is my eleven-year-old son. I'm his 53-year-old dad (I don't play VMK myself but I introduced him to it and read over his shoulder and VMK has been very good to him) but you will be SO lucky if you can ever draw my son into the Disney fold (he's a phenomenal athlete, he's very cute, girls totally love him, and VMK is helping hiim type and spell better for the very first time, so I want to thank you for what you have given us so much!) My son was using a mouse before he could talk, and if you don't grab him first (or after), he will probably go into computer science or the Army. He is so good at video/computer games that someday he will probably exceed what my dad did in WWII and my dad earned a Silver and two Bronze Stars. That would make me proud but if he ever gets hired by Disney, that would be nice as well.

    Disney has such a huge advantage over other employers that it isn't even funny. You can hire almost anyone you want. Here's a suggestion... before you answer all the applications you get from potential new hires every day, see if you can recruit some people who AREN'T employees already. In other words, take a look at the true devotees from MiceChat. (Obvioius who they are.)

    The really amazing fact to me is that apparently you haven't already hired some of these prolific posters on MiceChat VMK. (I would grab anyone who has posted over 2,000 combined on all the various sites and we all know who they are by now. You can't buy loyalty or 24/7 service but you can hire some of the people who already provide it.) My son and I are new to MiceChat but we know who the best of the best are on these discussion boards and it didn't take long at all to figure out who knows what.

    Isn't their demonstrated love for Disney better than any other possible reason to hire someone and try to bring them into your family?

    Disney runs in my real-life family (and I will always appreciate the fact that Disney gave jobs to so many kids that I knew back when I was young. I eventually lost track of the boy down the street who wore the Goofy costume and played the trombone in the Main Street Parade but he later moved up to managing the opening of the Disney tourist division, which obviously was a long time ago. (His last name wasn't Eisner but a kid like him could eventually get that far if he was a truly dedicated Imagineer, couldn't he?) If he stuck with Disney (and why wouldn't he) I'm sure he's had a comfortable and satisfying life.

    My little brother worked the Mule ride and the Jungle ride at Disneyland back in the 1970s. His girlfriend was a gorgeous blonde who worked in the Character Shop and went on to eventually manage the Character Shop. My brother on the other hand made a stupid mistake climbing a mountain for the Army ski rescue team (SoCal boys have so little experiience with snow) and so he died way back in 1975.

    But Disney was VERY good to my brother and for the some of the kids I was priveleged to know.

    You were so lucky to get them and the time they got to spend working for Disney is an experience they will never forget.

    If you haven't already figured it out, you can't buy love. But you could "buy" some of the individuals who love you, and in my opinion you SHOULD and if you don't, then please explain how you can recruit kids from down the street and not "the best of the best" Disney supporters from the internet?

    Well, times have certainly changed, haven't they. You can recruit employees from all over the world now but I wonder if you have bothered to try to recruit some of the posters on MiceChat and other discussion boards?

    In my opinion if you want to find people who will always be the best employees in the world and who will answer emails almost instantaneously and be awesome, caring repesentatives of for your company, hire the most prolific posters who post on VMK. It looks like they already know more than you could possibly teach them in a class and they've helped my young son figure out the challenges of your online site.

    I was looking over my son's shoulder during the MC meeting the other day in Summer's room (GRAB SUMMER!!!!). My son acted like an eleven-year-old boy when he met her for the first time, but that's fine. He stood in front of her in his diving suit (upstaging her) because he was so happy to meet her. I told him to move but she was faster than she was, so she got up and switched chairs for the viewers. Then he just couldn't help himself and went over and sat right next to her even after the girl who has "taken" him entered the room and she seemed very confused that he was sitting next to Summer.

    Don't get me started on the "taken" girlfriend/boyfriend VMK thing, but my son thought it was so stupid at first, but now he can't stop talking about his girlfriend and yes, as an IRC veteran I believe she is for real.

    My son told me after the meeting that he couldn't help it. He loves Summer because she helped him with the Mickey Quest 2 in such an innovative way. Summer is a true "Imagineer."

    I got the benefit of Summer's unusually creative efforts. After getting the privelege of sitting beside Summer, my son was hugging me and telling me that he felt like he got to sit beside the Queen of VMK.

    I was the one who did an internet search two months ago, and I had no idea how great an experience it would be for my son. He never used to want to read or write/type because he is an extreme athlete.

    Thank you Disney. You've been so good for so many people.

    Please continue to be good to the people who are in love with you.

    Get back to my son in 8 or 9 years, Okay?

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