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Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters online game version 2.0.


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  • Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters online game version 2.0.

    Is anyone playing Blab having a problem with version 2.0? I never had a problem with 1.0, just 2.0. The other night when I was teamed up with Yak I noticed the game sped up when we were over by the big space ship. It only happened for a moment but it was hard to follow the game and Yak's ship just went dead. The night before I was playing single play and as soon as the game started it sped up for a few seconds. I also experienced the game hanging and when it unhangs it's advanced to a different spot. I thought it was my computer but it only happens with Blab and nothing else and only with version 2.0. Will someone please tell me I'm not going crazy and they are having the same problem.

    Here's my updated buddy list. I've linked up with Yak, Annie, Aussiemate and JulianaRules through my buddy list now. Juliana and Aussie, you both rock like Annie and Yak. I had a lot of fun. The more time we get to do team play the better we'll get at it. If you want me to add you to my buddy list then leave word on this thread and I'll do it.

    Peace out.


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    Re: Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters online game version 2.0.

    Hey hey Admiral. It was fun when we played the other night. Sorry it was only a few games. To answer your question about the 2.0 version, Yes it does seem to have a few more bugs than the 1.0 version. I notice sometimes I get bumped and nothing will blow up on the screen, yet I take damage. So, I log out and then can't get on for 20 to 30 minutes. My sister AnnieOakley also has had that problem. As far as the speeding up I notice it to, once in a while. I thinks it's lag and then your computer gets a big data chunk and tries to play catch up to where the game is supposed to be.
    Anyhow, you are doing well getting good scores. Keep firing away soon you will be up there in the 7 or 800's. I know it's tough getting gold robots, blue bats and green guys all in one game, but that's the way to do it. I see Styledsugar and nanniebear are teaming up and hitting the 600's. Top scores are getting hard to maintain. Without teaming up I can hit the 700's pretty regularly and the occasionanal 8 or 900. With sis we hit high. When I was playing with you I noticed that you aren't picking up the blues quite as fast as I do. That just comes with time. Keep plugging away. There are few other small little tid-bits I have noticed about the game in the last month, but i'll save those for another time. See you in the BLAB world and we will team up again.


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      Re: Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters online game version 2.0.

      Hi, Admiral,
      I just got done playing a few games with you (and spacing out and missing robots and picking up red batteries!!) and you have really improved your speed and skill. One last thing to do is get that last gold robot in the tunnel near the end of the game (before we shoot the legs off of Zurg). That one is worth 100,000 points if you can get it. Next time we play together, get the 2 robots you already get, then pull down to hit the last one. You can just see his head sticking out at the bottom of the tunnel, almost at the end. I will try to clear the field for you so you can get it, then you can take it from there in the future. That will get you on the boards regularly. It takes a bit of practicing to get it each time, but it really adds up on the scores.
      I have noticed the same problem with the "lock-up" of the game that you have. I e-mailed Disney tech service about it and got back a form letter saying they tried it out and didn't see any problems, so no help there. Sometimes it occurs several times in one day, other times not for weeks.
      Anyway, thanks for playing tonight, and sorry about the confusion. My only defense is that it's almost midnite and my brain is a bit mushy! Se you online! Annie


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        Re: Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters online game version 2.0.

        Yo Annie girl, thanks for the hot tip. You and Yak have helped me to improve a whole bunch. I just hit 525K today all by myself and Daddy just told me he will finally take the training wheels off my bike. lol

        Yakmeister, I disabled the pop out window on the lower left and ever since I did that I no longer have problems except for a now and then disconnect. I noticed that the problems were worse when DL runs ads on those pop out windows.

        Hope to get more BLAB time with you 2 because you both are awesome players. Thanks again for all the help and tips.

        Peace Out!


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