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Error Trapper Problem!!!!


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  • Error Trapper Problem!!!!

    #1 I Hate Hate Hate Error Trapper on RCT2.

    #2 I have a park on RCT2 that is only 6 years old and getting more and more successful until.......

    I put the ride "Velocerator" into the park. What the heck was I thinking???? Apparently the ride must have some sort of glitch because when I look at it from as far away as possible, the useless Error Trapper pops up and freezes the computer! It says that an "Unknown Error" occured! If the Error is unknown, why bother reporting it and freezing my computer?? Error Trapper should only report known errors, not unkown ones. Who invent the dumb thing anyway?

    Okay back to what I was saying...When I look at Velocerator from far away, error trapper pops up, when I click on the ride, the window pops up and seconds later so does error trapper. There is no other problems elsewhere around the park except when I pass over Velocerator and there is no way I will start over on this park since I have worked so hard on it.

    How can I get rid of Velocerator from the park so that the Error Trapper will leave me alone??? I tried to delete the ride, but was not fast enough.


    Oh and one more note, I know Velocerator is the problem because I face the same problems with this ride in the other parks it is in.

    Please do not send me any patches, because the game file is on the other computer that has no internet connection. So any advice for me???

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    Re: Error Trapper Problem!!!!

    Download the patch, put it on a CD, and then put it on the other computer!

    Other than that, I'm spent!
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      Re: Error Trapper Problem!!!!

      :lol: I wish I could but this computer was built back in early '98, before CD Burners in Computers were very popular .


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        Re: Error Trapper Problem!!!!

        kay I calmed down now after I realized that this canbe the opportunity for me to continue working on one of my other parks. I just have to remember to leave Velocerator out next time lol.

        This brings me to another question I have wanted to ask. Rather than starting another thread I will ask it here.

        THe computer my RCT2 is on has no internet, and this computer has no CD Burner.

        So I wanted to know if there was anyway I can create my own custom scenerey on the computer my RCT2 game is on?


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          Re: Error Trapper Problem!!!!

          Do they both have USB ports? If so, get a little USB drive to transfer info back and forth. I just bought one that holds 512MB for $20. I needed it to get info off of a laptop that had no Floppy or CD burner and it worked like a charm.
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            Re: Error Trapper Problem!!!!

            I suggest you use a USB drive, they are wonderful for moving stuff around. They're small, easy to use, and rerecordable.

            My best bet on the Error Trapper (I've never had anything but the Unknown one) would be to get the oficial patches for your version of the game. Atari should still have them up somewhere. Otherwise check your favorite fan site.

            Custom scenery could be made on that computer, but you need to download Dr. J's Custom Scenery Maker (Or you can code your own). Also, unless you're rather proficient with imaging custom scenery is no easy task.


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              Re: Error Trapper Problem!!!!

              (people wondered why i stoped playing RCT.. it was this problem with RCT 2.. but i might get RCT 3 soon.. lol)

              USB Flash drives are a god send.. they are the best invention since the floppy disk.. they are more reliable.. and harder to mess up.. and they can hold a lot of data... GEt one or 2 for the computers... that or network the house like i did.. lol (i got a flash drive and network the house.. lol)


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                Re: Error Trapper Problem!!!!

                Oh I never thought about the USB thing. That is a really good idea. Thanks ).


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                  Re: Error Trapper Problem!!!!

                  Probably too late, but thought I'd still say something. You have three options:

                  1) USB Drives
                  2) Finalized CD-R
                  3) Finalized CD-RW

                  Options 1 & 3 are the best options. And, yes it is possible to finalize a CD-RW to allow it to be read by a regular CD-ROM. Just, thought I'd show that there are other ways, just be creative; it's RollerCoaster Tycoon, you must be.


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