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Just got RCT 3 - question

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  • Just got RCT 3 - question

    Okay, I used to be an avid fan of RCT 1 - and had a few of the addtion packs. But, it kept crashing on me in the last phases of the game. So I quit. Well, I just picked up 3 at my son's book fair (gotta love that - video games at the book fair). Anyway, 3 is so different than 1! I just sat there pressing buttons trying to figure out where everything is - do you just get used to it? Or was it a little easier to convert if you play RCT 2?
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    Re: Just got RCT 3 - question

    SAME exact experience with me! don't worry, you will get used to it very quick. I played for about 2 hours straight and was used to it by the time I quit, also check for updates for RCT 3, there is a expansion pack that you can download. once you are used to it, I find it harder to go back to the old RCT 1 and RCT 2.


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      Re: Just got RCT 3 - question

      Truly, update it before you play it--and you will play it, profoundly so--it takes a bit of time, but I found that it added some neat details right off the bat.

      If you have the hang of RCT1 and RCT2, three, I believe comes easily. There is a bevy of detail that you have to discover, like what to put on hamburgers (!) and how work in a 3-D environment.

      Good luck! There are a several players here.

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        Re: Just got RCT 3 - question

        I too just grabbed a copy of RCT3. I am very familiar with RCT2, but I haven't ventured into RCT3 really just yet. I fear the sandbox. I really want to finish my current RCT2 park before I possibly become addicted to RCT3.