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selling my x- box...

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  • selling my x- box...

    does anyone know what a used x box can sell for right now, i have been using it on and off for two years, i can easily clean it up...

    any thoughts on how much i can get for it, along with controlers, and a few games...enough to get a revolution perhaps?

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    Re: selling my x- box...

    there are many opn ebay right now going for 20.00 and they have games. do you do ebay?

    this auction has 11 games and is going so far for 63.00.
    what games do you have, and how much are you willing to let it go for, I see one on ebay for 23.00 and was going to go bid, ( it has 2 days to go) if you are reasonable and the games are good talk to me. Also do you take paypal, and ..... since I do not play games, does this do dvd movies? ( I am thinking of my kids