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Famitsu Posts E3 Poll


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  • Famitsu Posts E3 Poll

    For those that don't know, Famitsu is basically the gaming Bible in Japan. It's bigger than our IGN here in the states. Anyway, here's an article from

    Originally posted by
    The latest Famitsu has a top ten list of what Japanese gamers were interested in during the week of E3, and what they want to know about might surprise you.

    Japanese gamers were most interested in:
    1. Impressions of the PS3 controller
    2. Final Fantasy XIII information
    3. PS3 price and release date
    4. Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Snake playable announcment
    5. PS3 menu & interface
    6. PS3 online service
    7. PS3 game pics
    8. Polymorphic content surrounding FFXIII
    9. Dragon Quest Swords
    10. Square-Enix game pics
    To break it down, that's 6 PS3 related topics, 2 Wii, and 4 for Square-Enix. What's up, Japan, no love for the Wii? We already knew there was no love for the Xbox 360. Seriously though, this can be taken one of two ways. 1) Generally increased interest in the PS3 or 2) Shock regarding some of the changes and announcements surrounding the PS3 spurring an increase in interest by the Japanese gaming public.

    Very interesting. Remember, Japan is the main reason that Nintendo stays in the Black and not the Red. It'll be interesting to see if Japan leans more for the Sony side than Nintendo's.
    And with all the announcements of PS3-PSP connectivity, will we see a PSP sales spike in Japan too?

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