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Baseball Shoes. Monday's Quest. (Spoilers!)


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  • Baseball Shoes. Monday's Quest. (Spoilers!)

    So since some of you were able to get pants... I wanted to help you get shoes too. Enjoy!

    1. 57
    2. its pointe to pointe
    3. up and coming
    4. Play Haunted Mansion. Get 25 ghosts.
    5. Dexter Deekin
    6. 14
    7. Carve initials in mound
    8. Fantasyland in the sky
    9. Find golden Mickeys. Bottom center.
    10. Find Mickey, left side under leaf
    11. Find Mickey, in front of skull rock
    12. Find Mickey, on front of boat
    13. Find Mickey, on top, middle of boat
    14. fouette
    15. needs to know
    16. 102
    17. Pirates of the Caribbean Game Lobby
    18. Play Pirates. Score at least 1000 points.
    19. the lion sleeps tonight
    20. The Dexter Prediction
    21. Everett Fan
    22. Castle Fireworks Lobby.
    23. Play Fireworks. Win at least 50,000 points.
    24. Ode to Joy
    25. .115
    26. wave
    27. Jackson
    28. Tiki Tiki Tiki Island
    29. Find Lucky Charms. In front of door to shack.
    30. Find Charm. Other side of shack.
    31. Find Charm. On bridge.
    32. Jungle Cruise Dock.
    33. Play Jungle Cruise. Score at least 20,000 points.
    34. Randy Fleck
    35. off speed inside
    36. 18
    37. Sky Chief Gasoline
    38. Play song in Street Party Music.
    39. 8:00 pm.
    40. dance

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    Re: Baseball Shoes. Monday's Quest. (Spoilers!)

    Thanks again BigPigletFan. You are a doll!


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      Originally posted by Nancywitt
      Thanks again BigPigletFan. You are a doll!
      Your welcome! :cgrin: Enjoy your shoes.


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