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Disneyland's, Pirates Of The Caribbean!


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  • Disneyland's, Pirates Of The Caribbean!

    Avast there,
    This is my Recreation of Disney's Pirates Of The Caribbean, and where i am now has taken me SOOOOOOOO long, but i've gotten out of all my time devoted to this a 85% accurate recreation, some things are abit different then the Real ride, but thats because i ran out of Room.
    And i can guarantee this WILL be released as a Video hopefully up for Download soon, but i will also include the Park to Download aswell for those who cant get the Video.

    It be to late to alter course Mateys and there be blundering Pirates lurking in every cove, waiting to board, SIT closer together, and keep your ruddy hands inboard as we set sail on an Adventure Of A Life Time.
    ST_3000 Productions Brings you Disneylands Pirates Of The Caribbean.

    The Good Ol Bayou:

    Getting abit Drunk:

    We wants da Redhead:

    Surrender ya lilly livered lovers:

    Get ready to Set Sail:

    Dead Men Tell No Tales:

    Here, Doggy:


    Shot of entrance and Blue Bayou:

    Burning the town(lol the pirates r almost as big as the buildings :

    and finally a shot of the beach:

    Srry for the size of the pics, i forgot to resize them

    So keep ur weathered eye out, cause dead men tell no tales!!!

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    Re: Disneyland's, Pirates Of The Caribbean!

    Those look very good, what program did you use to do that?

    Ride lines, why did it have to be ride lines!!!


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      Re: Disneyland's, Pirates Of The Caribbean!

      RollerCoaster Tycoon 3


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        Re: Disneyland's, Pirates Of The Caribbean!

        cool pictures thanks for sharing


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          Re: Disneyland's, Pirates Of The Caribbean!

          Wow good job!


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